Bioshock Infinite Clash in The Clouds Easter Egg Guide

A Clash in the Clouds is the first DLC that has come out for Bioshock Infinite so far. It primarily focused on gameplay, combat and general action but it wouldn’t be a Bioshock game if they didn’t manage to shoehorn some story in there somewhere.

As such there is a small (yet somewhat tedious to obtain) easter egg that you can unlock, which is basically the ‘end’ of the DLC depending on how you look at it.

The first thing you need to do is amass a good amount of Silver Eagles (the currency of the game). You need all this cash because you need to purchase all the unlockables there are in the museum. This means all the bonus music tracks, all the Voxophones, all the Kinetoscopes, all the statues and all the concept art. You can find a list of the collectables on our guide here.

Once you have purchased everything, a new tear will appear right in the center of the gallery (near the songbird statue) that looks like a puddle and is just labeled as a harmess ‘Water Puddle’. Bring it into reality and you’ll find an unpleasant surprise accompany it. I won’t spoil what happens, even though you probably already know and it’s not that big of a secret either. Let’s just say it’s a throwback to rapture.

Bioshock Infinite came out fairly recently, in late March and blew away all audiences, getting perfect score after perfect score, with many critics even going so far as to say that the title had managed to surpass the original. If you still haven’t played it, you’re missing out.

A second DLC has already been confirmed, called Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea and as the name suggests, players will be returning to Rapture.

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