BioShock Infinite Boss Battle Strategy Guide – How To Defeat

While playing BioShock: Infinite, I felt a slight tinge of disappoint because the otherwise marvelous game lacked unique bosses. It wasn’t until I fought a Handyman that I realized why this was so.

BioShock: Infinite doesn’t care about big creatures that take just about forever to kill, but instead pits you once in a while against a set of unorthodox enemies that are bigger, meaner, and take a lot more than just a couple of magazines to put down.

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Bioshock Infinite Boss Battle Strategy Tips

Bioshock Infinite’s beefy foes require a bit of strategizing, or you’ll quickly end up losing a large amount of monies. It’s true that the game isn’t very challenging on Normal difficulty, but if you’re a badass like myself, I’ll immediately suppose you were playing on Hard mode. It’s on Hard mode that the bigger foes tend to get a little more than just nagging.

So, to ease the pain and lessen how quickly cash turns into dust, let’s have a look at the toughies that you’ll encounter throughout your travels in Columbia:

Warning: Only read what you have come to read, this guide contains hefty spoilers.

Motorized Patriots
The Motorized Patriots are the first of the meanies you’ll face. Sadly, they’ll often be accompanied by a bunch of Machine Gun and Pistol Wielder, which can get a bit distracting.

When you face the first few patriots in the game, you’ll have a limited set of Vigors to aid you. I’ll have you know that the Devil’s Kiss is almost useless against these Mechanical George Washingtons, and there’d be no point in wasting your Possession Vigor unless there’s a heavy-duty turret nearby.

The best weapon I found against the Motorized Patriots (apart from the Crank Gun, which you obtain from the Patriot itself) is the Shotgun. Sure, you could use those grenade launchers like the Hail Fire and all, but the Shotgun personally for me was the best, even though it’s terribly risky being close to a Patriot.

The backs of these foe have a set of Gears sticking out. These are the weak points of the Patriots. You can corner around a pillar and flank the Patriot, shooting its back to do the most damage.

Towards later stages, you’ll obtain the Shock Jockey. This brilliant vigor is your main offensive weapon against the Patriots. Shoot the Patriot, then go to its back side and shoot the gears. Repeat until it falls.

If you’re facing multiple Patriots, you’ll want to pick up a Crank Gun after defeating one. This gatling gun can do some serious damage. Try to use the ever-effective Undertow Vigor; it’s actually very underated. I upgraded the Vigor so it could pull multiple enemies at once, which was a dream come true against these heavier enemies. So, Undertow them, Shock them, and then shotgun away at their gears.

The big, bad Handymen were personally the toughest foes in the entire game. This is because they are fast, bald, have an insane reach, and boy do they do tons of damage.

The most concerning factor of these fellows is their surprising agility; despite their huge size, the Handymen can reach you no matter where you go, they’ll climb Sky-lines, jump huge distances, and run like crazy if they have to.

Another major downside is that most Vigors become useless. You can’t Undertow a Handyman, nor can you use Bucking Bronco. The Handymen don’t shoot out anything, so you can’t use the Return to Sender Vigor either, and using Rage is just a bad, bad idea. Shock Jockey barely works for even half a second, and Possession is also pretty useless. They also crush the crows that you’ll send towards them very quickly.

The only Vigor that works marginally well is Devil’s Kiss, and that too as a trap. Apart from that, your best bet is to use one of the Grenade Launchers or RPG, and aim for the ‘heart’, while keeping a good distance.

See that orange orb thing in the Handymen’s chest? Yes, that’s the heart, and shooting that will do the most damage. The unfortunate part is that the Handymen are so speedy and agile that it can be very hard to aim at that point from a distance, and when you’re up close, they can get really nasty with their big mechanical hands.

It takes quite a bit of patience to finally make one of these fall; it’s a good thing you’ll only face 4 or 5 of them in the game.

Lady Comstock
Spooky Lady Comstock wouldn’t be much trouble if it wasn’t for her necromancy skills. The old hag can raise the dead at will, and will continue to do so till she falls.

The trouble with Lady Comstock is not only that she constantly raises dead (which aptly possess long-ranged weapons too) folks to shoot you, but also that fact that she appears and disappears, and doesn’t keep still.

I found that the best method of dealing with the dead and her is to use Possession on one or two undead, and then focus all the shooting on her. The other enemies will engage the possessed ones, which should give you some room to focus on Lady Comstock.

You can forgot about the rest of the Vigors, since she’s already a ghost, and nothing would really work on her. I did find using Bucking Bronco on the dead useful though, as it gave time for me to focus on the First Lady. A very important factor that will aid you against her and her dead allies is the Gear you wear. I had Vampire Shoes and a Hat that gave back my life if a killed an enemy while having less than 50% health.

These health replenishing Gears are life-savers, and after I obtained them, I never really died at all. Search for these Vigors in the mid and later stages of the game; you’ll have to be thorough, but it’s well worth it, especially on Hard difficulty.

Elizabeth should also help with the regular aid in Salts (though you probably won’t be using many Vigors) and Health packs, but a lot will depend on how you manage to handle the dead enemies. Try to use as many Tear covers and offensive turrets as possible, and plan the areas you want to use for defense and the ones you want to use for defense. Patience is the key here, and you should in the end prevail.

You’ll fight Lady Comstock 3 times in the later stages of the game.

Hand of the Prophet Final Battle
Sadly, even the final battle isn’t a boss fight. In fact, it’s just a tough fight that tests your endurance against waves of enemies on a Zeppelin. The real issue isn’t the enemies or the Zeppelin, but the fact that you have to defend the airship’s core, which is stupidly exposed to enemy fire.

A big advantage in this fight is Songbird, who you can call down the enemies to wreak havoc. It’s best to use Songbird for the ships and the Zeppelins later on It’s important to understand that the bigger the target is for Songbird, the larger the cool-down time, so it might not be a bad idea to use it when there are no ships and only the ground folk are the target.

You should also expect a lot of Patriots to land. I found Undertow the best Vigor here, because I could stand on the main core deck and pull up to four enemies (including threatening ones like the RPG men and Patriots) towards me. All it needed then was a few hits from the RPG on the right side.

Elizabeth’s tears will also be fairly helpful, but I found it best to stick close to the Core as many of the enemies preferred running close to it and then shooting. Don’t stray too far ahead – use the upgraded Undertow instead. This will not only make it easier for you to kill enemies, but will also allow you to ‘electrocute’ the enemies you pull, provided they touch the core when you pull them.

This can be combined with a bunch of Shock Jockey traps as well, and you can lay some additional Murder of Crow traps on the lower areas to prevent enemies from shooter from there.

Towards the end, you’ll need to destroy a bunch of enemy Zeppelins. This is where things get significantly harder. Songbird will have a huge cool down after destroying a zeppelin, and while it’s running down you’ll really need to work hard to keep the enemies at bay.

With a bit of patience, you should manage to successfully fend off the enemy offense, and have the scenario set of one of the finest endings ever.

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