Biomutant Porky Puff Boss Guide

You’ll be encountering several World Eaters while playing Biomutant, however, Porky Puff is one of the trickiest to deal with. Porky Puff by appearance is a three-headed monster with sharp teeth and a strong body. In this Biomutant Porky Puff Boss Guide, we’ll be showing you tips and tricks to be able to defeat him effectively.

Biomutant Porky Puff Boss

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through how to combat Porky Puff and strategies to dodge and combat his attacks in Biomutant. Let’s begin.

How to Defeat Porky Puff World Eater

To get to Porky Puff, you’ll be driving your Googlide and will be following the route ahead from Mitre Mop Outpost that will then lead you to the open gates. As you make your way there with your Googlide, Porky Puff will show up in front of you.

Phase One – Water
The fight with Porky Puff is divided into two phases; Water and Land.

Avoid the Waves
Porky Puff will come your way aggressively to attack you. He’ll be using his jumping technique to create aggressive waves of water by jumping up and down. These waves will be pushing you back and will make you lose your target.

To avoid that, make sure to keep a safe distance. A tip to avoid these waves is to observe when he jumps in the air. As he’s up, quickly drive to the other side. It’ll save you from receiving the impact.

Now start circling around him and shoot at him nonstop. Aim at his legs while doing full circles around him. As you’re shooting his legs, you’ll notice him going underneath the water and doing shark-like movements. Track his tail and avoid the point where he plans to emerge from. If you get hit by his tail or claws, heal up quickly or you won’t be able to bear another mistake.

Pink Bumps
All four legs of Porky Puff have Pink colored bumps on them. Target each of them and shoot them. By shooting them, you’ll be collapsing Porky Puff. You’ll notice each time you shoot at them, he’ll dive back into the water and emerge again.

If you are struggling with the weak spots, you can also hook up one of the nearby mines with your Googlide, drop them near Porky Puff and then shoot to make it vulnerable to your attacks once again.

The key is to keep circling around to save yourself from his violent attacks and waves and keep targeting the bumps. Now for one last time when you shoot the bumps, it’ll trigger a dramatic cut scene. Here you’ll watch Porky Puff running to the land.

Phase Two – Land
Phase two consists of your combat with Porky Puff on land.

Shockwaves and Rocks
After you shoot at Porky Puff, you’ll watch him run towards land and arise relatively stronger. His thud to the ground is way more violent and shakes the land more than water. With each bang it will be creating three shockwaves coming your way, you’ll be getting some damage. On top of that, he’ll be throwing rocks your way.

Jumping Over Waves
As mentioned, each thud will create a wave coming your way. You’ll notice closely each thud produces three waves. To avoid the damage, you must jump over each. As it approaches you, go up in the air.

Stay Close to Avoid Rocks
To avoid the rocks, don’t go too far. Instead, stay close. When you’re far, he’ll attack you with these rocks and you’ll become vulnerable to the damage. Waves and Rock altogether will become pretty unmanageable for you.

Do full circles as you’re dodging and keep shooting his way while you avoid the waves and rocks. Start getting close to him but avoid his claws as they’ll try smashing you. Keep shooting and aim to his head as well. As you go near, start shooting his non-stop until he finally collapses.

There’s no specific technique to defeating Porky Puff on land, but jumping up and shooting his head plays a major role in bringing him down. Compared to water phase, this is way more violent and tough to fight, however, running in circles is your only way to receive as little impact as possible.

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