Biomutant Performance Tweaks to Improve FPS

Biomutant has a bunch of graphical presets and options for PC players to tweak their experience. In this guide, we’ll tell you some key performance tweaks for Biomutant to get a steady framerate without sacrificing graphical quality.

Biomutant Performance Tweaks

If you’re already exceeding the recommended specs for Biomutant, then you can easily turn all its bells and whistles up to the max settings through either the preset or tuning each option one by one. The PC version of Biomutant is pretty well optimized so most setups shouldn’t have any difficulty with FPS.

However, if you’re around the recommended specs or even slightly below, the best graphical settings and performance tweaks for Biomutant are below. Follow the suggested tweaks for Biomutant mentioned below for better FPS without sacrificing too much of the visual quality.

Best PC Settings for Performance in Biomutant

Let’s take a look at each setting in Biomutant individually to get an idea about what is affected by each setting and which option to select for a PC sitting at recommended specs or slightly below.

Window Mode
This setting determines how you want to see the game on your monitor. You should always play this game in Fullscreen mode so you can get a wider picture of the game. Furthermore, the borderless option might be stuttery in Biomutant, so you may want to go Fullscreen instead.

The higher the resolution, the better the overall image’s quality on the screen. You should set the resolution to 1080p for performance. If you’re really below the recommended, then maybe shift this to 720p.

Vertical Sync
This setting is used for synchronizing the frame rate with the refresh rate of the monitor. You should keep this Off for getting a better frame rate and only enable it if you experience screen tearing.

Sharpening Amount
This setting will affect the sharpening of the objects, and you should keep it to 20 for enjoying the game at better quality. Any more and the environment of Biomutant starts to look very jagged.

Dynamic Resolution
This setting will adjust the Dynamic Resolution automatically if turned on. But you should keep it Off for playing the game in the highest resolution.

Resolution Scale
This setting will either upscale or downscale the resolution you’ve set previously, with 100 being the base resolution you set in the setting before. Lowering it to something below 100 will increase your performance in Biomutant but at the cost of muddying the visuals. We recommend you keep this at 100.

Frame rate Limit
This setting will limit the FPS, which is not good if you want to enjoy the game completely, so you have to keep it off.

This has a bunch of premade settings for you to use. Generally, the medium setting Biomutant recommends will be alright performance-wise. However, you’d want to keep this at custom and follow what we recommend here for both performance and visuals.

Texture Quality
This setting will affect how good elements look in the game, so you should keep it high for better quality.

Shadows Quality
This setting will affect the quality of shadows that objects will cast in the game. Keeping this setting high can have a noticeable performance impact, so sticking with the Medium will give you the best quality to performance ratio.

Post Process Quality
This setting is used for applying filters and effects to the image in the game. For better performance and image quality, you should keep it at a medium level.

Effects Quality
As the name suggests, this setting control how the effects will look in the game. For better FPS and performance, you should keep it at a medium level.

This setting is used for smoothing the edges and colors in the game. The recommended setting for overall better performance is Medium.

Object Detail
As clear from the name, it will affect how clear an object will look in the game. So, you should keep it high for better object quality.

Fur Detail
Since Biomutant is a game with many animals, this setting will be the most visually striking as it affects the details of the fur you will see on the screen. However, it is a performance hog, so you should keep it as default for better frame rate and performance.

World Draw Distance
This setting will affect the maximum distance of objects, so you should keep it as default.

Increasing FPS in Biomutant

Some gamers, while playing Biomutant, experience some strange FPS drops, shuttering, and low FPS. The reasons for that can be different, but you can fix this by looking at the factors given below.

To increase FPS, you can update the drivers to the latest versions. You can also try killing all other programs in the background as well.

Another reason for low FPS is low disk space.  In case you are running on low disk space, clean up some memory and the free space. The best way to figure this if other options are not working is using Dynamic Resolution.

The dynamic resolution will help in adjusting the resolution automatically if the PC is not performing well. The other options you can try for improving the frame rate are given below.

Lower Shadow Quality
The easiest way to increase the FPS in Biomutant is to lower your Shadow Quality, which will provide you with an extra few frames. There are many shadows in the whole game, so lowering the shadow quality will definitely help you get a smoother experience while playing the game.

Lower Post Process Quality
Lowering the Post Process Quality can help you in increasing the FPS in Biomutant. This will turn down some effects in the game, but a higher framerate is preferable. So keep this low if you want the few extra frames.

Lower Resolution Scale
Lowering the Resolution scale is another way for boosting the fps in Biomutant. The Resolution Scale is set to 100 by default, and this runs the game at 100% of your chosen screen resolution.

If you set this to a lower value, the load on the GPU will get lower, and you can get some extra FPS  in the Biomutant. Don’t go too far however as the visuals will slowly degrade and become muddy. Try to stay above 90% and you should be fine.

That’s all for our performance tweaks in Biomutant. Hopefully, this will help you achieve a smoother overall experience with the game on PC.

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