How to Get the Oxygen Suit in Biomutant

Throughout your journey in Biomutant, you’ll come across many deadly locations that can’t be accessed without a particular suit. The Oxygen suit is also one of those suits that protect you from choking to death. We will be showing you how to get the Oxygen Suit in Biomutant along with additional information about it.

How to Get the Oxygen Suit in Biomutant

Biomutant is full of unsafe areas that require suits to enter. These suits provide you with 100% resistance to the area and allow you to face danger without dying. Below is the location where you can find the Oxygen suit to complete Shronk Salvage main story mission.

Oxygen Suit Location
The Oxygen suit is used for Hypoxia and you’ll find the suit on the north side of your map. However, you can’t directly reach it as it requires few additional steps to complete. Firstly, you must head over to Pingdish.

Pingdish is located north of the map (Sector 9H, X: – 227862, Y: – 252344). Once at the Pingdish, solve a puzzle by turning the satellite in such a direction that it’s lined up with the signals.

This way you’ll mark the location of the suit on your map and can easily have access to it. Press action to find the Oxygen Suit’s location. Once you’ve reached the location at Bangshelter 11I, you’ll find that you have to face a bunch of enemies outside the facility.

After killing all of the enemies, head down through the stairs of the facility and find a door to interact with. Enter to find an area with more enemies to kill.

Make your way through them and into the final room on the left side where you’ll find the Oxygen Suit inside of a protective glass case.

After grabbing the Oxygen Suit, you can now freely venture into Hypoxia zones without having to worry about running out of oxygen and dying.

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