Biomutant Automaton Noticeboard Locations Guide

While playing Biomutant, you’ll come across several Automaton Noticeboards. Each noticeboard will lead you to a location that has a lot of loots and rewards for you to collect. Along with loot, you can also benefit from the dress-up options available for your Automaton. In this Biomutant Noticeboard Locations guide, we’ll be showing you where to find the Noticeboards scattered throughout the map.

Biomutant Noticeboard Locations

In this Biomutant Noticeboards Locations guide, we’ll be looking into how to find the Noticeboards and where to find them in the vast map of the game.

There are a total of 15 Noticeboards in Biomuant. Below you’ll find the location for all the noticeboards.

Bricktown Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 8170 Y: 4750
Sector: 4C

The area around this noticeboard will appear to be a subway station. You’ll be encountering some enemies here whom you will have to take down. After you’ve defeated them, you’ll find some exit stairs going up to the platform. Go near to where the stairs begin and look to your right. Upon looking, you’ll find a noticeboard. After finding this noticeboard, you’ll interact with it and will be able to track the next side quest.

The Subnautica Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 33830 Y: 14810
Sector: 4D

This area will have a lot of trees and bushes around it. The noticeboard will be located nearby a water body. Along with the water body will be a path. Make your way out of the water body and head to your right. You’ll find some stairs and right next to them will be a noticeboard.

Chugyard Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 23360 Y: 24970
Sector: 4D

In this area, you’ll find a lot of railway tracks with some abandoned cargos on them. Next to the tracks will be a complex with a cement platform. To get to this noticeboard, turn right from the railway tracks and head towards stairs with a cement platform. Go up and you’ll find a notice board there. Interact with the board to see posts from those who worked at the Chugyard.

Manufactorium Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 20860 Y: 161750
Sector: 4G

This noticeboard will be located to the southwest of Rokoblok Outpost. This is a dangerous radioactive area. To get into this area, you’ll have to enter through a torn metal fence. Upon entering you’ll observe a lot of palm trees along with the sidewalk. Run straight along with the cement sidewalks until you pass a car and a truck. Go straight until you see a noticeboard at the front.

Fight off any enemies you face in the way. After you get to the noticeboard placed in the middle of the complex, interact with it.

The Pony Pen Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 71770 Y: 327660
Sector: 6J

This area will be rather rockier and muddier than the previous locations you’ve been into. You’ll find some colorful flags and some décor hanging around it. There will be a path alongside wooden fences. Follow the path until you see a noticeboard on your left. Upon interacting, a new side quest called The Pony Pen will be unlocked.

Suburbia Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X:143800 Y: 104840
Sector: 7F

You’ll be locating this noticeboard at the north-west of Urfidurf Outpost. This area will appear as a residential area with lawns with grown-out grass. When you look around, you’ll find a lot of houses. Go to the main road and find a bus stand. Right next to what appears to be a bus stand will be the noticeboard. Interact with it.

The Spark Plant Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 217610 Y: 66780
Sector: 9E

When you arrive in this area, you’ll find a lot of snow around you. The streets and houses around you will be frozen. In this area, you’ll find a cabin with a notice board right in front of it. Before entering this area, make sure you are in some warm gear.

The Chug Depot Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 192240 Y: 322590
Sector: 8J

The chug depot will be located near the Lotus Fortress. This location will appear as a factory side with big buildings scattered around it. You’ll notice a lot of metal fences spread around this area. To get to the noticeboard, find some green-colored benches. Look around till you find them. Along with the benches, you’ll find a noticeboard. Interact with it.

The Sludge Deodorizum Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 273270 Y: 294940
Sector: 10I

To be able to locate this noticeboard, you’ll be making it to Blimpstation and then heading west. This area will be a lot more polluted and will have green fungus all over the roads and cabins.  You’ll find a cabin just around the corner of the road. As you head near the cabin, you’ll find a noticeboard outside.

The Blimpstation Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X:231710 Y: 346470
Sector: 9J

To be able to get to the Blimpstation location, you’ll need to head to the south corner of the biome. You’ll find this notice board in a location that appears to be an abandoned dam.  Look around till you find the noticeboard and interact with it.

Surf Hurdle Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X:41890 Y: 187660
Sector: 5G

You’ll be locating this noticeboard at a location that appears to be a highway. It is a higher platform with a complex right next to it. The complex is filled with fungus on its walls and it is quite damaged. The highway’s railing is damaged as well. You’ll also be able to identify the location by huge trees that are near the complex. Go near to the complex and right outside will be a noticeboard.

Sludgegush Fields Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 17020 Y:269500
Sector: 5I

To locate this noticeboard, leave Netra Fortress and head to the northwest. This noticeboard location will seem like some sort of chemical plant. You’ll find torn mental fences alongside the road and a big industrial container. Put your oxygen gear on for this location and start walking until you see the noticeboard on the side of the road. Interact with the noticeboard. Now go down the trails and combat the enemies that come your way.

The Aerodrome Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 311610 Y: 380060
Sector: 11k

To find this noticeboard, first, complete your task at Blimpstation and make your way to the northern islands. When you make it to the Aerodrome, head to the southeast. This location will have a lake nearby and a big electric tower leaning to the rocks. You’ll find it beside a bus stand. Interact with the noticeboard and let it navigate you.

The Fume Foundry Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 326770 Y: 186000
Sector: 11G

You’ll be locating this noticeboard in a radioactive location with toxins infused in the air. Head south-east from the Pichu fortress and then make your way into the complex. The complex will be located parallel to a wall with metal fences on top. Inside the complex, you’ll find the noticeboard by the cracked wall.

The Surge Surf Factory Noticeboard
Co-ordinates: X: 369170 Y: 118810
Sector: 12F

From right to the Molyhole Outpost, go straight and you’ll find what appears to be a plant with several pipelines. Make your way inside and then take the first left. Go ahead and you’ll find a noticeboard at your right. Interact with the noticeboard and let the marker navigate you. Go under the Bangshelter and combat with the enemies.

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