Biomutant Murk Puff Boss Guide

The Murk Puff Boss, otherwise known as the Northwestern World Eater, is a huge sea turtle monster. We have prepared this Biomutant Murk Puff Boss Guide explaining to you the boss’s moves, tips, and tricks.

Biomutant Murk Puff Boss

Below are all of the moves that Mark Puff will be employing against you. Keep an eye out for the indications to be better able to dodge accordingly and avoid any damage.

  • When you see the monster face you with all its body part flinging backward, it prepares for a giant leap towards you.
  • When you see white water splashes forming around its tail, it will swing it and send a wide horizontal water current at you.
  • The Murk Puff spreads its front limbs/arms wide, splashes of water form on its hands/fins, it is getting ready to send out a vertical wave of water at you, which launches when it claps its hands.
  • When it recedes its head a little bit inside its shell, it will be preparing to bite you.
  • In the last phase, it unleashes a water jet from its mouth.

How to Defeat Murk Puff

The Murk Puff Boss Fight starts when you approach the monster, the monster uses all the moves we stated above from the get-go, keep rolling sideways and vertically to avoid all these attacks. Keep your distance from it so you have time to react to all its moves, along with staying out of its biting reach.

Phase 2
The Murk Puff boss has three parts to its health bar, depleting the first will make it completely recede into its shell and then shake hard to launch poisonous balls out into the water. Avoid smashing or colliding with them. The boss uses the same abilities at the same speed, it just leaps at you a lot more here.

After you reduce the second health bar by 75%, a prompt will appear, telling you to ‘Launch Guppo’. Launch it and then wait for another prompt to jump on its head. After the sequence completes, the boss gains a portion of its health back.

Keep hitting it with your projectiles and get it down to its last health bar. You might have to do the Guppo sequence again though as it keeps regenerating health.

Phase 3
The last phase for the Murk Puff Boss Fight begins with the monster roaring and sucking in water, now it has a water jet that throws a continuous stream of water at you that does a lot of damage per sec.

When Murk Puff is not shooting its water stream from its mouth, it begins sending clap waves at you at increasing speeds.

All its attacks although the same as previous phases, are a lot faster and delivered back-to-back. So, you cannot stop for even a moment in this phase, keep attacking whenever you get the chance, and slowly, you will wither its last remaining HP bar down to zero, finally defeating it.

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