Biomutant Lupa Lupin Boss Guide

Lupa Lupin is a meat-eater enemy in Biomutant. It is also the first enemy that you will encounter in the game. You will be encountering this enemy throughout the game, and it will greatly impact the story Biomutant. In this Biomutant Lupa Lupin Boss guide, we will cover all the boss fights with your nemesis.

Biomutant Lupa Lupin Boss

After taking down the Western Worldeater, Jumbo Puff, you’re all set to visit your next enemy, the Lupa Lupin. You will find Lupa Lupin in the location indicated by the map. As you get close to Lupa Lupin’s location, a short cutscene will play.

After you make it to Lupa Lupin’s Lair, you will find out that this meat-eater is ready to fight with you. There will be two phases in which your fight with Lupa Lupin will proceed.

First Fight

First Phase
In the first phase, Lupa Lupin will instantly begin charging you at a great speed. Use your melee weapon to cause damage and also dodge the attack by moving left and right to avoid his attacks.

He will use some attacks that will cause you greater damage; you can avoid such attacks simply by parrying. Lupa Lupin will also try and attack you by slamming down his axe from a distance. This can be extremely damaging so make sure to dodge it at the last possible second for slow motion.

Second Phase
In the second phase, you will observe that Lupa Lupin’s health will have declined by one-third. He will be less aggressive during this phase. He will pick up a large meat leg piece nearby and smash it to cause damage.

During this phase, you will have to attack him in his weak points, such as the head, while also maintaining a good amount of distance. You will have to repeat the same steps till Lupa Lupin’s health declines to the final third bar. At this point, he will pick up two iron stakes and start his lunging attack.

Third Phase
Lupa-Lupin will use a lunging attack and drive both of his iron stakes into the ground. You will have to avoid this attack by rolling away and dodging it to the best of your abilities. You can cause damage by your melee attacks while his stakes are still stuck in the ground.

If you’re at a greater distance, Lupin will roll towards you before attacking, so use that interval to attack him as much as you can. Continue damaging till his health bar goes down to zero.

After this, a cutscene will play, and Lupin will be bound to the ground by the Tree of Life’s roots.

Final Fight against Lupa-Lupin

After you’ve defeated the last of the World-Eaters and talked to Out-of-Date about escaping on the Ark, you will make your way back to Lupa Lupin’s Lair, where he was bounded by the Tree of Life’s roots. He will be released from the Roots of the Tree, and this is where the final boss fight will go down between you and Lupin in End of the World quest.

First phase
During this phase of the fight, you’ll need to use a combination of Raven’s Flame and Wicked Wolf at times to cause a substantial amount of damage to Lupa.

Use your Crvogenic Module with its freezing ability to deplete Lupin’s health further and further. Continue damaging Lupin’s health until it is entirely depleted. Even after its complete depletion, the fight will not end.

Second phase
After Lupin’s health depletes in the first phase, Lupin will smash the ground with a heavy punch, and both of you will fall underground for a second round. During the second phase, the health of Lupa Lupin will be completely restored.

During this phase, use the same variety of attacks and focus on depleting Lupin’s health while also avoiding and dodging his attacks. Use a health pack to restore your health. You can also find trees underground that you can hide behind.

Lupin’s health will eventually deplete, but he will get more aggressive and gain a boost of health during the last phase of the fight. He will rise up and attack you again. The same sequence of fighting will go on until finally, Lupin’s health goes down to zero.

A cutscene will appear and you will now have defeated the final boss of the game.

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