Biomutant Lumen Shrine Locations Guide

This Biomutant Lumen Shrine Locations guide will take you through green and snowy lands in search of all the Lumen Shrines in Biomutant. To start this quest, you will have to first find any one of the shrines listed below and interact it with it to activate the Lumen Shrines quest.

Biomutant Lumen Shrine Locations

There are a total of 6 Lumen Shrines for you to find in Biomutant where you can take a bow to pay homage

Lumen Shrine #1
This first shrine is located just southwest of BangShelter 2E at the foot of the cliff.

Lumen Shrine #2
The second shrine is found south of UnderSurfer. If you start at the river, you’ll have to do a bit of mountain climbing before you’re able to locate the shrine at the top of the cliff.

Lumen Shrine #3
The third shrine is located in the middle of Tribe FalloutLine 3E. You’ll find it in an opening, surrounded by cliffs.

Lumen Shrine #4
The fourth shrine is located in the middle of an island, east of Fruggo’s Joint. You’ll have to take a Googlider to the island.

Lumen Shrine #5
For the fifth Lumen Shrine, you’ll have to travel to KrossWay 3G. You’ll find it in the middle of the island on a small hill.

Biomutant Lumen Shrine

Lumen Shrine #6
To get to the final shrine, make your way to the center of the Freek Isle using a Googlider, and you’ll find yourself amidst freezing temperatures. Since this is a Cold Zone area make sure you come prepared by equipping the Cold Zone suit.

Lumen Shrine

Disembark the Googlider and take the path on the left. Continue up the path until you come across a drawbridge. Lower the bridge and continue on your journey. Keep following the path, and you’ll find the last shrine where the path ends. You’ll run into several ice monsters along the way so prepare yourself for several battles as well.

You can easily take care of the antagonists by using any long-ranged weapon. However, using a melee weapon won’t be a bad option either. The chances of taking damage while fighting the antagonists using a melee weapon are slightly more.

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