Biomutant Launches to “Mostly Negative Reviews” on Steam

Experiment 101’s open-world martial arts adventure game, Biomutant, finally came out today after years of development time. However, PC fans don’t seem to be enjoying it, as Biomutant Steam reviews are apparently reading as “Mostly negative” (or, as of the time of this writing, Mixed). But why? A few reasons.

According to some of the reviews in the “most helpful” tab, a number of the game’s issues seem to be from its ever-present narrator, basic repetition quests, and the game’s somewhat shallow writing style. However, there is a good bit of praise for the game’s combat and style, along with the beautiful environments.

Biomutant was first officially announced back in 2017 as one of multiple games that were acquired by the then-nascent THQ Nordic, alongside games like Darksiders 3. Since then, the game had been laying fairly low, and launched without many expectations. Unfortunately for some, it doesn’t seem like that would be enough.

The game did have a small amount of controversy however, as several days ago it was announced that the game could not run at 4K resolution on the Playstation 4 due to performance issues. While this isn’t really an issue on PC, however, other issues are taking their toll.

However, this hasn’t stopped the game from being a success. Biomutant has already shaped up to be THQ Nordic’s biggest launch on Steam ever, with over 52,000 players currently playing the game on PC at once, so it’s clear that more than a few people like it.

A number of the various issues outlined in the Biomutant Steam reviews do have their own solutions: Going into the options menu allows you to turn down how often the narrator speaks, preventing you from having to listen to the same dialogue twice over.

Otherwise, you can try and keep yourself from playing too much of the game at once if you’re concerned about repetitive quests, and the rather simple story (saving the game’s Tree of Life from dying and causing the death of all life) isn’t all bad.

If you’re not dissuaded from playing the game by the Biomutant Steam reviews, it’s currently available on the Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 now.