Biomutant Hoof Puff Boss Guide

As you’re playing Biomutant, you’ll come across four World Eaters. Hoof Puff is one of the four World Eaters and he is here to give you a challenge. Hoof Puff by appearance is a giant monster with a single head and four significant sharp teeth along with four deadly claws. In this Biomutant Hoof Puff Boss Guide, we’ll be showing you tips and tricks to take him down successfully.

Biomutant Hoof Puff Boss

In this guide, we’ll be looking into how to defeat Hoof Puff Boss in Biomutant effectively and the right strategies to collapse him. Let’s begin.

How to Defeat Hoof Puff World Eater

To locate Hoof Puff, you will have to visit the map and look at the north-eastern part.  To make your way there, you’ll be accompanied by Mjut who will become a big help to travel there. Riding Mjut will make it faster and efficient to reach Hoof Puff in Biomutant.

You’ll use the marker on the map to navigate you to the caves and mountains. You’ll make your way across the wreckages and once you’re there, a cut scene will appear introducing Hoof Puff.

It is time you begin your fight.

Phase One
Just like other bosses, Hoof Puff in Biomutant is equally aggressive. As soon as you arrive, he’ll waste no time to attack you. You’ll be combatting alongside Mjut, so use him and start circling. Circling helps puzzle the bosses and you can thus maintain a distance between the boss and yourself. Start shooting at Hoof Puff and dodge his claw swings.


Pink Bumps
While you circle and shoot at him, you’ll notice just like porky puff, Hoof Puff too has pink bumps on his legs. To make him collapse faster, aim at the bumps, and start shooting. As you’re doing that, make sure you’re mobile and riding across him. If you stay still, he’ll come at you with his attacks.

As you shoot at his pink bumps, you’ll notice him opening his mouth longer than he would. This opening of his mouth will take place when you’ve caused him a lot of pain and it will give you the second opportunity to attack.

Pull the tooth
As you shoot his bumps, he’ll open his mouth in pain. Go near to his mouth and then latch onto his tooth and take it out. By doing so, Hoof Puff will experience significant damage and pain. After you’ve taken the tooth out, start circling and shoot at the bumps nonstop. Repeat again and again till he becomes infuriated and the second phase starts.

Phase Two
The second phase will begin when you’ve caused Hoof Puff a lot of damage and pain. In this phase, you’ll notice Hoof Puff jumping back and unleashing his peacock tail. It may look colourful and beautiful, but it can kill you.

Hoof Puff will be releasing the feather from its tail and soon enough send them your way. These feathers will act as razor blades that can cause you some significant damage.

While still riding at Mjut, dodge these feathers and shoot at the monster. Aim the pink bumps and get near him. When he’s in pain he will open his mouth, hold onto his tooth, and pull it out. Take this opportunity to also shoot directly into his mouth while he’s in pain.

Glitter Moths
As you’re dodging the attacks by Hoof Puff, you’ll be commanded to release Glitter Moths. Glitter Moths will act as a great distraction for the monster and you can take the opportunity to get closer to him. As you get near him, tie up his legs and make him collapse.

When Hoof Puff is on the ground, he will be motionless, and you can cause significant damage by shooting at his mouth and pink bumps. After some time, he’ll rise again and start attacking you yet again.

Repeat the steps until the health bar goes down and the final phase begins.

Phase Three
In the third phase, Hoof Puff will double his attacks. Along with his peacock feathers, Hoof Puff will be spitting out green bile. This green bile is toxic and can cause damage when you come in contact with it.

Hoof Puff is relatively more aggressive and filled with rage here. The best way to combat Hoof Puff in this stage is to use all the strategies that you used in the last two phases.

Circle and keep shooting at the pink bumps. Release the glitter moths and distract him. Get near to him and tie him up to make him collapse and then shoot at his mouth and pink bumps.

Use every opportunity to cause him as much damage as it takes to kill him. Hoof Puff will rise again and will repeat his attacks. There isn’t a specific strategy once again, use the combination of tactics mentioned earlier to effectively take him down.

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