How to get the Heat Zone Suit in Biomutant

The world of Biomutant is full of hazardous environments inhospitable under normal circumstances. So, what’s your furry little character to do? Improvise, overcome and adapt by getting a suit of course! In this Biomutant guide, we’ll tell you how you can survive in the Heat zone in particular by getting the Heat zone suit.

How to get the Heat Zone Suit in Biomutant

The Heat Zone suit is a must-have if you want to venture into the heat zones of Biomutant safely. If you happen to be the brave sort and walk into the zone without one, you’ll immediately start to burn up and start losing HP.

The game will now give you a sidequest letting you know where you can get the suit. However, you don’t necessarily have to get this sidequest to find the suit, as you can simply follow the coordinates we’ve mentioned below directly.

Tune a Pingdish

Locating the Heat Zone Suit requires you to tune a specific Pingdish. You will find the Pingdish in sector 6k at the following coordinates X: -84080, Y: -388153.

After reaching these coordinates, you will find a satellite dish (called Pingdish) on a building. Head inside to find a rotation puzzle. Once solved, you gain control of the Pingdish on the building.

Inside the building, you need and solve the Rotation Puzzle. After solving the puzzle, you can control the Pingdish on the building.

Now you have to rotate the dish till it is lined up with the signal. Once the dish is lined up with the signal, you have to hit the action button and the location of the Heat Zone Suit will be marked on the map.

Bangshelter 6L

You will also receive a message here that will be direct you to Bangshelter 6L. When you reach the location, be prepared to fight an elite enemy right outside the entrance of Bangshelter 6L.

Defeat that enemy and collect all the loot from inside the bunker. The Heat Zone Suit will be inside this bunker in a container. You can now equip the suit in your inventory to survive those treacherous Heat Zones!

There are still other hazardous environments out there but worry not, you can find suits for them too!

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