Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations Guide

In Biomutant, there are a total of 9 Googlide Wrekboxes, which are located in different areas of the map. In this Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations guide, we will list down all the Googlide Wrekboxes for you to find.

Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations

Googlide Wrekboxes contain Googlide upgrades which will help you out. You will also need to find and equip 5 different Googlide Upgrades to unlock the ‘Riding the Wave’ trophy/achievement.

Below we have listed down all 9 locations of Googlide Wrekboxes that are present in the game for you to find and unlock items for the Googlide aquatic mount.

Googlide Wrekbox #1
The first Googlide Wrekbox is located a bit north of the Subnautica Station point of interest. The Googlide Wrekbox will be inside the sewer system underground. You will have to solve a rotation and circuit board puzzle as well in order to unlock the area that contains the first Googlide Wrekbox.

Googlide Wrekbox #2
The second Wrekbox is located east of Pokburr. You can collect this Wrekbox during Gumquack Hollow story quest. Make your way to the map location as shown in the image to find the 2nd Googlide Wrekbox. It is the same area where you will have to collect 5 Gumquacks for the story objective.

Googlide Wrekbox #3
The third Googlide can be found far east of Bricktown near a broken boat.


Googlide Wrekbox #4
The fourth Googlide Wrekbox can be found a bit east inside of Bangshelter 2E. The Wrekbox will be inside of the Bangshelter 2E.

Googlide Wrekbox

Googlide Wrekbox #5
This Googlide Wrekbox is present between Bangshelter 2G and Froskmosk area.

Googlide Wrekbox #6
This Googlide Wrekbox is located near Brickbrack 3G area. The Wrekbox will be present inside a ruined building.

Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations

Googlide Wrekbox #7
This Googlide Wrekbox is present north of Manufactorium in Surfipelago area. The Wrekbox will be inside a building here.

Googlide Wrekbox #8
To get the 8th and 9th Wrekboxes, you will first need Mjut to get the Next Box (Mjut is Story Related). After you have Mjut, you can find the eighth Googlide Wrekbox. It is located west of Rokoblok Outpost.

Googlide Wrekbox #9
The last and final Googlide Wrekbox is located south of Frozy Brickbrack.

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