How to Get Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant

New to the cold zones in Biomutant? Afraid of the harsh cold and agonizing death by hypothermia? Well so are we, and that is why we decided to look for the Cold Zone Suit, which makes it completely safe to walk in the deadly cold zone. In this guide, we will be showing you how to get Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant.

How to Get Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant

For all the ferocity of the cold weather, the game does not really hide the Cold Zone Suit away from the player’s grasp. The game will direct you to safety when you enter your first area with extremely cold weather. And by safety we mean, a side-quest. By completing said side-quest, you’ll be able to acquire a Cold Zone Suit which allows you to safely traverse the dangers of extremely cold weather.

For the side quest, you need to head on over to the Cold Zone Pigdish. It is found north of the Tree of Life in the Yerpfields biome. The exact coordinates you need to travel to are X: -224831, Y: -239000 in Sector: 9h. At these coordinates will be a large Building, identifiable by a huge Satellite Dish. Defeat any enemies you find and head inside.

Once in, you must solve a Rotation Puzzle to get the generator working. After you are successful, match up the outside nobs to their respective colors and then fix the middle one, you get control of the Satellite Dish.

Rotate the satellite dish until it is lined up with the signal and hit the action button to activate the pingdish. What this does is marks the actual location of the Cold Zone Suit on your map. Next, we go take the Suit.

The new marked location is the Bangshelter 10E which is located inside the Knackyleaves biome. There will be a few beats guarding the entrance of the shelter, deal with them to get inside.

The Cold Zone Suit is located towards the back of the shelter, but take your time exploring the shelter, a lot of useful loot is spread throughout the shelter that you can use.

Equipping The Cold Zone Suit
You can go through your inventory to equip the suit, but a faster method is heading into your outfits and selecting it, rather than browsing the whole inventory.

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