How to Get the Biohazard Zone Suit in Biomutant

We'll be showing you How to Get Biohazard Zone Suit in Biomutant, so you can traverse areas with high concentration of radiation

In Biomutant there are certain places where you must protect yourself from elemental hazards. In order to be protected, there are suits designed that keep you safe. Out of the 5 suits, the Biohazard suit keeps you safe from radiation in the environment. We’ll be showing you how to get Biohazard Zone Suit in Biomutant.

How to Get the Biohazard Zone Suit in Biomutant

Just like any other suit in Biomutant, the Biohazard Zone suit also grants you special abilities to get past areas that you can’t access without proper protection. The Biohazard Zone Suit in Biomutant allows you to travel through Biohazard areas and protects you from harmful radiation.

Biohazard Suit Location

Since you’ll come across a destroyed nuclear energy plant in the area, it’s best to find the Biohazard Zone Suit to explore the area more freely.

To find any suit in the game, you must make your way to the Pingdish first to pinpoint the exact suit location on the map. The same method is followed to find the Biohazard Zone Suit. Simply head over to the Suburbia part of the map (Sector 6E, X: – 76706, Y: -85031), south of Urfidurf Outpost to find the pingdish.

However, reaching the pingdish is not a piece of cake since it requires you to go through a wave of adversaries. Adversaries such as the Critters.

These critters come in many categories, few are small, others are big and most of them are equipped with guns and bombs. They’ll run towards you and explode to deal damage.


Also, there’s one turret at the top of the dish, it’ll try to take you down while you’re busy fighting the enemies below. Once you’ve managed to kill the enemies, it’s time to activate the pingdish.

Again, to activate the dish, you must solve a puzzle first. Match the colors and you’re good to go. The next step is to set the dish in such a way that it lines up with the signals.

Once you’ve reached the location at Bangshelter 6D, look for an underground bunker, south of Sknapptrutt Outpost and try to find an elevator there.

Take the elevator to the basement and face another wave of critters. Once they’re all killed, make your way to the final room to find the Biohazard Zone Suit in Biomutant inside of a protective glass case.

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