How to get Bio Points in Biomutant

You can level up your character in Bimoutant by unlocking many abilities available in the game. These abilities, also known as Biogenetics in-game, can only be unlocked using Bio Points which you get from Bioblobs. In this guide for Biomutant, we will let you know where and how you get Bio Points in the game to genetically enhance your character!

How to get Bio Points in Biomutant

There are no fixed locations from where you can get Bio Points. You will have to explore the world to find these bio points. There are two ways you can do that:

Unlocking Bioblob Containers

Whenever you enter a new Biome or location, the Bio containers will be marked on the map which you can then go to those containers and open them. They are in the shape of small chests that have green acid coming out of them from the top.

These containers are hidden inside buildings, dungeons, or found in the open world. There are no fixed locations of where they appear, but once you find one, you can loot the Bioblob container to get Bio Points.

Defeating Bio Creepers

Inside sewer systems and underground dungeons, you can find a nest of creeps that are oozing acid from their bodies. These enemies only spawn in the dark and can be defeated to get Bioblobs. A Biohazard Zone will have a bunch of these creeps to kill.

Enter the explorable areas like the sewers and dungeons and look for these creatures. Once you find them, kill them to get Bioblobs. Each enemy will drop one Bioblob.

To spend these points, open the Character menu and head to the Mutations tab. Open the Biogenetics menu and unlock the ability you want using the Bio points.