How to Change Appearance in Biomutant

Biomutant features a rather extensive character customization process when you’re about to begin adventuring but did you know that you can also change your character’s appearance. This guide delves into the process of changing your character’s appearance in Biomutant.

How to Change Appearance in Biomutant

Once you’re past the initial character customization and began the adventure into the Biomutant’s world, the odds are that after some time, you’ll get bored of your character’s outlook. Fortunately, Biomutant offers you the ability to alter your character’s appearance mid-game.

This appearance change includes your fur pattern, fur pattern, and body type. Below, we’ve detailed the entire procedure of customizing your character’s appearance

How to Change Your Fur Pattern and Color

Fur Pattern
For changing your fur pattern, you’ll need to head to Trim’s shop, which is the local barber in Biomutant. However, to carry out his task, you’ll first need to find him new pair of Clipperfingers to replace his old, obsolete ones.

For that, go and meet Juju to buy the new pair. He, however, won’t allow you to purchase from him unless you finish a quest called “Gone With The Wind” for him. This quest will basically require you to collect a bobbin from a kite at the top of a mountain.

The relevant mountain is easily visible from Juju’s shop. You’ll also see yellow-colored marks across the mountain – they are the climbing spots. Just use them to get to the top of the mountain.

At the top, you’ll find the kite. Interact with it to obtain the bobbin from it. Now, return to Juju’s shop and hand him the bobbin. Having done that, you’ll be able to purchase the pair of Clipperfingers that Trim needs for 175 Greens. When you bring the Clipperfingers to Trim, he’ll then have the ability to alter your fur pattern free of cost.

Fur Color
Next, to be able to change your fur color, you’ll need to retrieve the Sputdye Can from Suburbia and return it to Trim.

Accordingly, head to Suburbia, and follow the quest marker until you’re into a bunker – in a room with a turret, many smaller enemies, and a Guerilla miniboss. Eliminate them all and grab the Sputdye Can in the corner of the room.

Take the Sputdye Can to Trim, granting him the ability to change your fur color. Both the primary and the secondary fur color changes set you back 400 Greens each.

How to Change Your Body Type

When it comes to altering your body type, you’ll first need to make your way to one of the Bio Nucleus locations, which are essentially the radioactive hazard zones.

Make sure that you have the Biohazard Suit equipped beforehand. Else, you won’t be able to stay there for long before you die.

Anyhow, once you’re inside, you need to locate a mutation spot – which in simple words, is a particular pool of radioactive liquid. It can be found in the underground section of the power plant area and will be guarded by a miniboss. Kill the boss and interact with the pool to open up the mutate character screen.

Move the little dot around until you find the body type of your liking; it’ll take 1 Bio Point to get a new body type. Once a new body type is added to your inventory, you can simply head to the gear menu and equip it. Note that your character’s original stats will remain unchanged.