How to Get the Anti-Radiation Suit in Biomutant

This guide focuses on showing the location of the Radioactivity suit in Biomutant to allow you entry into the highly radioactive areas across the map and uncover new secrets. Obtaining the Anti-Radiation Suit in Biomutant is a bit of a task but worry not as we will be covering every minute detail of all the steps involved.

How to Get the Anti-Radiation Suit in Biomutant

Once you’ve decided that you need the Radioactivity Suit in Biomutant, you will need to tune a Pingdish to locate the Suit. This Pingdish can be found near the Suburbia region in Sector 3F at the following coordinates, X: 56075, Y: -123125.

Reach the Coordinates
When you reach the coordinates, you will find yourself outside a building with a large dish. Defeat all of the enemies out front and head inside the building. Once inside, you will reach a rotation puzzle that you need to solve to progress further.

The puzzle is fairly simple. All you need to do is align three switches so that the circuit is complete and the dish turns on.

Once you’ve dealt with the puzzle, you will have to align the satellite dish with the signal and then press the action button when it is at its strongest signal point. This will mark a new location on your map.

The Bangshelter
The new coordinates you got from the satellite dish are X: 102762, Y: -196344. These coordinates will take you outside the Bangshelter in Sector 2G.

Head inside and keep pushing forward until you reach the final room in the Bangshelter. In the final room, you can find the Radioactivity Suit inside a glass panel. Interact with the panel to obtain the Suit. And now, you can explore previously locked areas of the map.

With the Radioactive Suit equipped you can now brave the nuclear hotspots that dot the map in Biomutant without fear of radiation exposure.

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