Biomutant All Characters Location Guide

Biomutant gives you a wide variety of characters in-game that you can interact with and do some work for them. In this Biomutant Characters Location Guide, we’ll be showing you where to find all of these characters.

Biomutant All Characters Location

This guide will pinpoint the locations of these characters in the world and exactly where to go look for them. Each character offers a variety of side quests to partake in and gain some XP and loot.

Certain characters are tied to the story so they will be hard to miss while others are located at obscure points across the map. You will also need to meet these characters in order to invite them to escape on the Ark with you for the final choice in the game.

Finding all of the 23 characters and interacting with them will give you the Social Trophy/Achievement. Here’s a brief description of where you can find these characters.

On the southeast side of the map, head to the marked location to find him out in the open.

Head to the marked location on the map and Jumble will be standing behind the counter of his shop near the river.

Near Chugdepot, head to the location next to the river. You will eventually meet him as part of the story.

You will find him at Sinkidink at a hut. Go to him using the boat that you get from completing the main story mission “Gumquacks?”.

At the Chugyard, you will find Gizmo. Head there and go down the elevator. Once you get out of the elevator, turn left and you will see him there.

Go to the Watchout and enter inside. Keep following the passage and use the elevator. Once you reach the upper level, Nova will be standing in front of you.

Right in the center of the map between Suburbia and Verpfields, head to the location called Dum’s Goods. Go up the small mountain and enter the small house on top.

Klick will be found at the marked location on the map.

Biomutant Characters

Head to Bow’s Teak next to Sparkplant on the map. He will be sitting outside his house.

Make your way towards the top right of Deadzone where you will find Puffduff Bluff. At that location, Boom will be found under the electric tower.

On the southeast of Suburbia, look for the Spurftop area. You will find a giant broken mechanical hand and next to that will be Trim’s shop.

You will find Moog at Steepdeepo on top of a rocky mountain.

Go to Faraway as marked on the map and you will find Juju there.

Just at the right of the Sludge Deddorizum is the Blimpstation area where Lobo is located. Enter the large compound and drop down the large hole where the large Hot-air balloon is.

Once you jump down, Lobo will be standing there next to the hot-air balloon.

Maya’s hideout is located in the Hex Hut area southwest of the Mushimosh region. Head to that location to find Maya.

Just to the left of the Bio Nucleus 10K area on the map is a broken bridge next to the river. Head there and use the blimp that you got from Lobo to spawn in Sol.

Head to the location marked on the map to find Mito on the roadside.

Biomutant Mito Character

At the marked location on the map is the Goat Pen area where you will find Noko inside a camp.

You will find Whiz at the Surgesurf Factory on top of Murk Puff Place on the northwest side of the map.

From where you located Whiz, go top to the Fume Foundry and look for the Burblebottom area. Gill will be outside her house next to the water.

In the middle of the map where the Tree of Life is, look for an area named The Belowabove. Enter the area and you will find him in his wheelchair there.

Head to the Knack Hill area on the map. Pebble will be on that hill offering a climbing quest.

On the top right of Bricktown, head to the area named Subnautica Station. You will find Goop on a metal bridge in that area.

These are all 23 characters and their respective locations that you will find in the world of Biomutant.