Biomutant 4K Resolution Is Xbox Series X Only At Launch, But Not Forever

If you were hoping to play the upcoming open-world game Biomutant in glorious 4K on your Playstation 5 console, we unfortunately have some bad news for you. Due to stability and performance-related issues, Biomutant 4K resolution on the Playstation 5 wont’t be happening on launch. However, there will be an optimization update several weeks after the game launches.

Instead, those looking for 4K resolution on launch from the game are going to have to make use of the Xbox Series X, which will be able to run the game at 4K resolution natively without any sort of performance issues. This is likely owed to the greater power of the Xbox Series X, a big part of its marketing.

In contrast, Playstation 5 users will only be able to run the game at its highest at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. While this won’t be an issue for long, and you can always play the game on PC if you have one that can run the game, the news about Biomutant 4K resolution might be a downer for PS5 players that want to play it.

The game has a lot going for it at that resolution, too. Gameplay previews have shown us a wide-open world that is bursting with color and life in a wide variety of landscapes, so if you want to see it at its best, you might want to play it in 4K.

Considering what happened the last time that games weren’t fully optimized to play on next-generation consoles (namely Cyberpunk 2077’s highly controversial release), Playstation being honest about the console not being able to play Biomutant at the same resolution is a good look for them.

But, again, if you’re willing to wait, you can get the Biomutant 4K resolution you want when the patch update releases several weeks after launch. Otherwise, you can play Biomutant on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC when it launches on May 25.