Binary Domain Skill Master Achievement Guide

You can unlock Binary Domain Skill Master achievement or trophy by collecting all nano-machines for all your squad members. There are only certain nano-machines available in each chapter, and you need to collect them all in one play-through. You can’t come back and re-visit a chapter to unlock this achievement or trophy.

Binary Domain Skill Master Achievement

To unlock Skill Master achievement, your first priority should be to buy nano-machines from Vending machines in each chapter. It’s important that you buy them before you buy anything else because there are specific nano-machines available only in specific chapters. So what you can buy in Chapter 1, can’t be bought in Chapter 6.

There are six hidden nano-machines that you will have to find in the game. Following are the locations where you will find them:

Hidden Nano Machine #1
After you go swimming and use the zip-line to go up, look for it on the ground on your left.

Hidden Nano Machine #2
Chapter 1 – After Iron Whale drops off enemies, look for it at the front of the barricade, right before you encounter scavengers.

Hidden Nano Machine #3
Chapter 2 – Look for this nanomachine on the barrels near a vending machine by the car. It is right before you fight the grand lancer and jump on its head.

Hidden Nano Machine #4
Chapter 2 – When you are by yourself in the sewage treatment plant and are about to save your team, look for it on the table on the top floor.

Hidden Nano Machine #5
You need 500 credits to get this nanomachine. After you have destroyed the Spider Robot, you will be taken to an underground city.

Turn around and walk in the opposite direction of the alley. You will encounter a Yakuza with a red number 18 jersey. Pay him 500 credits to purchase this nanomachine.

Hidden Nano Machine #5
After talking to Mifune and saying farewell to Yuki, look for this nanomachine in the corner to your right by a fenced area. Walk in and look at your right to find it.

After getting these hidden nano-machines, keep purchasing all the nano-machines from the vending machines and the achievement will pop up near the end.

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