Binary Domain Security-Com Locations Guide

To unlock Data Retrieval achievement or trophy in Binary Domain, you need to collect all Security-COMs scattered throughout the campaign. Our Binary Domain Security-Com Locations Guide should prove helpful.

They look like little hologram note pads, and once you collect them; they are automatically saved and will not appear in your next play-through.

It’s a cumulative achievement or trophy; you can select any chapter to play and pick up the remaining Security-COMs.

You can check your progress by going to the chapter select menu. It will show you how many you still have to collect in a specific chapter and also within that chapter which act you need to play again to collect certain Security-COM.

Binary Domain Security-Com Locations

There are 40 Security-COMS in Binary Domain and below we will walk you through the location of each Security-Com.

Chapter 1

There are a total of 6 Security-Coms in this chapter.

Security-Com 1.1
Just as you walk through the destroyed bus area, you will find it right in front of you, on the ground.

Security-Com 1.2
This one will also be simultaneously got as a great lancer will open up the path to it.

Security-Com 1.3
In the long corridor where you fight the green robots, walk to the end of the corridor and take a right. There will be some boxes right in front of you and the third Intel will be behind them.

Security-Com 1.4
In a room full of large containers where you first fight with the Green Robots and then Red ones appear, head towards the right side and the Intel is up a small staircase.

Security-Com 1.5
When you enter a large open street where you are attacked by some snipers, there will be a building on your right. Head behind the building and you will find your 5th Intel.

Security-Com 1.6
In the area where you take a gunfight with robots who are dropped via large transport, jump down and head left. You will find this last Intel lying on the ground.

Security-Coms Chapter 2

There are a total of 7 Security-Coms in this chapter.

Security-Com 2.1
When you enter an alley and so after a fight, head to the left side where you will find a spiral staircase. Your first Intel of chapter 2 is lying in the stairs once you climb them.

Security-Com 2.2
You will enter into a dungeon-like devastated house. Turn left and march forward to find this next Intel.

Security-Com 2.3
Look for a large tower on the right. Climb the tower up to find the Intel in this location.

Security-Com 2.4
In the bar of your informant, the Intel is located on the inner ring of the bar.

Security-Com 2.5
After the Jet Ski you will be in an area of Iron Raptor. Look for a raised section of the area above 3 floors and once you reach there, start climbing the ladders. The Intel will be hidden behind some small boxes on the top of the area.

Security-Com 2.6
When you enter the sewer, walk past the pipe with number 5 written on it. The Intel will be on the backside of the pipe.

Security-Com 2.7
In the room with red warning lights, head towards the two large computer terminals. The Intel will be lying in the middle of them both.

Chapter 3

There are a total of 7 Security-Coms in Chapter 3.

Security-Com 3.1
As the level begins, you will see a counter. Go behind it to fetch your first Intel.

Security-Com 3.2
In the tunnel where you take a huge battle with the robots, you will witness a transport vehicle standing there. Go behind it to get your second Intel.

Security-Com 3.3
As you climb the short staircase, go left and look behind the white pillar. You will find your Intel lying right there.

Security-Com 3.4
Once you climb over the conveyer belts’ first set, walk towards the second and you will find your 4th Intel behind it.

Security-Com 3.5
When you are trying to reach the roof top, you will come across a maze like area. The 5th Intel is lying right over there.

Security-Com 3.6
When you are trapped inside the gas machines area, exit through the 2nd air chamber and go right. Walk straight to the end of the room and you will see your 6th Intel lying right there.

Security-Com 3.7
The seventh and the final Intel of chapter 3 can be found on the roof sequence. It is just near the fall wall on your left.

Security-Coms Chapter 4

There are a total of 9 Security-Coms in Chapter 4.

Security Com 4.1
This one is pretty hard to miss. As you enter the second rail car, it will be lying on your right side.

Security-Com 4.2
As you head forward through the cars, you will find this Intel on your left a little behind the wall, which is more like an area of junction of the two rail cars.

Security-Com 4.3
When you are stuck between enemies’ cordon and need to escape through area by going through the stairs, do search for this Intel at the end of the area first. You will find it lying on the ground.

Security-Com 4.4
Once you walk through the rail cars and have gone into the other side, jump into the small walled area to find this Intel.

Security-Com 4.5
Once you head out of the stations, turn right and you will find this Intel as you walk further.

Security-Com 4.6
In the room where you take a fight with snipers and robots, you will find this Intel in the right corner of the room.

Security-Com 4.7
In the complex where you fight the giant gorilla robot, there will be a green forklift to the right and your Intel will be lying just behind it.

Security-Com 4.8
After the cut-scene that appears with the Faye, exit to the right and you will see two men talking. Your Intel is lying just behind them.

Security-Com 4.9
When the level ends, turn left and reach the far opposite end of the area. You will find your Intel there lying by the wall.

Chapter 5

There are a total of 9 Security-Coms in chapter 5.

Security-Com 5.1
The first Intel is pretty easy to get as it is lying straight on the small table which you will see as soon as you step into the first level.

Security-Com 5.2
Once you get onto the higher floor, walk towards the far opposite end of the floor where you will find some trees and your Intel is lying right beside them.

Security-Com 5.3
Look for the R & D floor while passing through the halls and your third Intel of chapter 5 is lying right there.

Security-Com 5.4
Go through the computers room and look for the server towers. This Intel is lying right behind them.

Security-Com 5.5
When you enter the large empty room, walk ahead and climb up the stairs. Head right from there and your Intel will be lying by the large circular table.

Security-Com 5.6
Walk through the tunnels once you are done with the battle in the trash area. Take a right from there and as you go ahead, you will find your Intel.

Security-Com 5.7
When you come across a huge dumpster of robots, you will find your Intel behind one the pile of the wreckage.

Security-Com 5.8
Instead of getting onto the elevator, go to the opposite of it and you will find your Intel in the right corner once you reach the end of the hall.

Security-Com 5.9
Once you have climbed up the ladder and scene a short cut-scene, jump down of it and head Right and move along, and turn Right again. You will the see your Intel in the corner.

Chapter 6

There are total 2 security-coms in chapter 6.

Security-Com 6.1
It is placed in the same room where you will also find the shopping terminal. Head to the opposite end of the room and climb down the stairs. Your second last will be lying next to the staircase once you look at your left.

Security-Com 6.2
This one is pretty easy to get as it will be simultaneously put into your lap. You will find it on the right side of the EXIT point

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