Billy Mitchell’s Reputation For Donkey Kong Goes Down The Drain, Labeled As Cheater, Stripped of High Score

Billy Mitchell has built up quite a reputation when it comes to Pac-Man and Donkey Kong over the last few decades. His gaming skills and competitive personality have dominated these two games and we all wondered how skilled he is? Turns out, he is a cheater so all of the good reputation he has built went down the drain when Twin Galaxies wiped his high scores from record books.

A record-gaming organization that keeps records of scores of many classic arcade games, is Twin Galaxies. Very recently they announced, that they were removing Donkey Kong scores, made by Billy Mitchell, form its leaderboards.

On top of that, they shall be removing all of his scores from other games as well. The reason being, that the tape that Mitchell has cheated in the scores.

Apparently, its true, because the decision has been made by thorough examination of the situation. This consideration to check validity for Billy Mitchell’s scores, came into existence when some of his scores were called into question.

The footage captured for the records was not possible to be shot without the use of software emulation program MAME. Since this is not the original arcade software that was used to record score.

Twin Galaxies decided to take down all of his scores, wiping the reputation Billy Mitchell has built.

To put it in layman’s terms, those scores that are from an unmodified original Donkey Kong arcade, only those scores are considered. These competition rules which have been always defined.

Since Billy Mitchell’s scores are not from an original unmodified Donkey Kong PCB, his scores become invalid and cannot be considered.

To be honest, rules are rules and they ought to be followed. So considering that what Twin Galaxies have done makes sense.

Although, it will surely be a tough break for, Billy Mitchell.

That said, we recently had a rumor that suggested, Nintendo to be working on a new Donkey Kong game. Perhaps we have also had a teaser regarding it on Instagram. Since we have no confirmation on that, we should probably give some time to this news.