Beyond Good And Evil 2 Release Date Won’t Be Before April 2021

Apparently the Beyond Good and Evil 2 release date is not anywhere on Ubisoft’s calendar for this year or a significant portion of next year, all the way up until April of 2021. Though it’s been several years since the game’s announcement, Ubisoft has no current plans to release it in 2020.

The information comes from the latest Ubisoft financial conference from this quarter, headed by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, who said that the game would not be released any time in the next fiscal year, which runs from April of 2020 to March of 2021.

Ubisoft already has five different Triple-A games that are going to be coming out in 2020 alone. While two of them are still unknown (possibly the as-of-yet-unannounced new Assassin’s Creed game or a new Splinter Cell game), the other three include Watch Dogs Legion, Gods and Monsters, and Rainbow Six: Quarantine.

The Beyond Good and Evil 2 release date has been eagerly awaited by many fans of the series who saw the game’s reveal trailer back in 2017. Despite nearly three years passing since then, there hasn’t been any indication of when the game will release, though other trailers have since come out as well.

Of course, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is only one of the many games that Ubisoft is currently working on, even counting in the two games that we don’t know the titles of yet. Those games will likely be announced at E3 or some other game show before or after then, but we still don’t know what they are.

However, we do know from the same Ubisoft earnings call with Yves Guillemot that the last two unannounced games will be released in the last quarter of the fiscal year, ranging from January to March of 2021.

While the Beyond Good and Evil 2 release date is still apparently a very long way off, hopefully Ubisoft will eventually start giving us more information for it and maybe even some actual gameplay in the future.