Beyond Good and Evil MDisks Location Guide

You need to collect all the MDisks in Beyond Good and Evil to unlock Data Manager achievement/trophy. All these Mdisks can be located in Hillys but you have to collect them all before leaving the planet. Check out our complete Beyond Good and Evil MDisks Location guide to find these collectibles.

Beyond Good and Evil MDisks Location Guide


1. Game Save Disc
The disc is with you from the start and you have to save the game with it.

2. Mr. De Castellac
You receive this disc at the beginning of the game at the lighthouse once the power is restored before going to Black Isle.

3.The Pearl and the Currents
The IRIS networks gives this disc to Jade.

4.For Jade
Pey’j(Jade’s Pig uncle) gifts this MDisk to Jade at the Nutripills Factory.

5.Surveillance Camera
The disc can be found in the cabinet near the jet boots of your uncle(Pey’j).

6.Hillyan Army Database
You can find this disc in the Nutripills Factory at the security room above the area where the jet boots were found.

7.Beluga Check-Up
This Beyond Good and Evil MDisk can be found in the Hanger on the desk near Beluga.

8.Animal Species
This disc can be achieved when you collect all the photos of the animals in your album in Hillys.

9.IRIS 511
The early report that is received from the backroom of Ming Tzu.

10.IRIS 512
You can pick it up from Ming Tzu’s backroom.

11.IRIS 513
The report that you received in the Nutripills Factory from Ming Tzu’s backroom.

12.IRIS 514
When you publish the pictures with the IRIS report that you received from the Slaughter House.

13.Disc Game
You need to enter the save code on the Beyond Good and Evil website to get the password which can be used to get the disc from the jukebox and play the Francis disc game online.

14.Pearl Game
You earn this Beyond Good and Evil MDisk as a reward from Mammago after collecting all the (88)pearls.

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