Here Is Our First Look At Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay, A Wide Open Galaxy To Explore

It has been a while since Ubisoft announced Beyond Good and Evil 2. However, this is the first time the studio has showcased Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay during the recent live stream.

The Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay showcased during the stream is the alpha version of the game. Meaning it could see some potential changes in the future.

In the video below, Ubisoft has given a brief rundown of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay showcase. Players will have to plan their attacks, use the spyglass to see characters stats to see if there are good for recruiting.

What is the most interesting part for me is the seamless nature of the game. Players can seamlessly go into space without any loading screens. Players can also zoom out see the entire galaxy.

This is definitely a technical marvel but, given that it is a Ubisoft game, I am worried that it would be crammed with useless activities or fetch quests.

Aside from the brief rundown of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay, Ubisoft has also uploaded the full live stream. You can check that out in the video below.

Speaking of the game, Ubisoft has also revealed Beyond Good and Evil 2 characters that players will possibly interact with. Ubisoft detailed JADE, PEY’J, UMA, CALLUM, and THE GADA’S AI, who are also part of the player’s crew.

JADE and PEY’J are the returning characters from the first game. PEY’J still remains true to his character but, Jade is evil. Furthermore, UMA is the Chief Medical Officer.

The GADA’S AI, as the name suggests, is an artificial intelligence. Last but not least, CALLUM is the Chief Engineer of the crew and the only one smart enough to play against the ship’s AI.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 came after a long wait following the release of the original. Given the size and scope of the game, many are worried that Ubisoft’s expectations would be high. However, Ubisoft isn’t concerned about the game’s success.

don’t think there’s a risk there. Well, there’s always a risk when we create games, but I don’t think there’s as much risk because [Director Michel Ancel] has been through so many projects. The first Beyond Good & Evil was very good, Michel did what he wanted and what we thought would be the best for the players.

What is interesting is that Ubisoft is yet to confirm the game’s release platforms. Despite that, the development team has confirmed mod support for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Furthermore, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is being developed on an entirely new game engine designed specifically for the game. Michel Ancel had a very specific vision for the game and to achieve that vision a new game engine was necessary.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an open-world action adventure title in development at Ubisoft. No release date or platforms have been announced for the game.

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