Beyond Good And Evil 2 Characters Detailed, Space Monkey Report Live Stream To Reveal More

Not much is known about the upcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2 despite Ubisoft frequently revealing concept art and details. This time around Ubisoft has revealed full descriptions of the characters along with when we will see more of the game.

Ubisoft has noted that during the next Space Monkey Report Live Stream, it will be revealing more details about Beyond Good and Evil 2. We are hopeful that we get to see some gameplay instead of a CPI trailer or new concept art.

As for the Beyond Good And Evil 2 character descriptions, Ubisoft has detailed JADE, PEY’J, UMA, CALLUM, and THE GADA’S AI. According to the description, Jade has gone evil and is hunting pirates throughout System 3.

JADE: There are many legends about this young ‘demoness’ hunting down and slaying pirates throughout System 3, so coming face-to-face with her usually doesn’t end well for a pirate crew.”

PEY’J is the chief cook and in Beyond Good and Evil 2 he is still “the beloved-uncle type”. He loves to use “Old-Earth alcohol” in the dishes that he cooks.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

PEY’J: Chief Cook and a familiar face to most of you Space Monkeys who know and love Pey’j from the original Beyond Good and Evil! In this prequel, he’s still the beloved-uncle type who believes in tough love and has a penchant for a certain Old-Earth alcohol, which is the not-so-secret ingredient in the dishes he cooks up for the crew.

UMA is the Chief Medical Officer of the crew. UMA uses advanced acupuncture technology to eliminate toxins from the bodies of the crew members.

UMA Beyond Good And Evil 2

UMA: Chief Medical Officer, dubious oracle of Indian ancestry and a devotee of Shiva. In the trailer, she uses an advanced acupuncture technology with needles that turn red when they detect toxins.

THE GADA’S AI looks after the needs of the crew on the ship and can be found on different parts of the ships while doing her job. Apparently, she has a thing for Callum.

THE GADA’S AI Beyond Good And Evil 2

THE GADA’S AI: This smooth-talking brainiac has a thing for Callum, with whom she’s seen playing chess on the engineering deck. She can be found at different locations throughout the ship attending to the crew’s needs.”

CALLUM is the Chief Engineer of the crew and is the only one smart enough to play against the ship’s AI. However, it is unknown if he has ever won against the AI.

CALLUM Beyond Good And Evil 2

CALLUM: Ingenious Chief Engineer with Scottish roots (and the accent to go with it!) and the only officer on the Gada good enough to play against the Ship AI (according to her).

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is in development at Ubisoft but, no release date has been announced yet.

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