Better Your Sniping Skills With this PUBG Bullet-Drop Simulator

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the rage these days with gamers all over the world devoting countless hours into the game, all in an effort to get that fabled and elusive “winner winner chicken dinner” appear on their screams if either you or your teammates manage to out-best everyone else.

But in order to get that chicken dinner, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with all the weapons littered throughout the battle-royal styled game. Snipers particularly can come in handy when working together with a squad to take down distant targets and even if you feel like going full Rambo and solo-ing it, Snipers can still prove pretty useful.

That is if you know how to use one properly. With the game featuring a huge, open map with lots of flat terrain in between, it’s important to know if your shot will hit your target else you’ll give your position away.

Developed by a Chinese player, there is a simulator that will help you calculate PUBG’s bullet drop, helping you hone your sniping skills. The program makes use in-game assets and makes gamers take hold of a Kar98Ok sniper rifle.

The program will position you at one of a random number of positions on one of PUBG’s maps, along with another participant somewhere to your eye-line.

Clicking on the display will bring up a 4x or 8x scope and you have to look at to hit the desk-bound participant, accounting for the speed at which bullets drop when fired over long distances. When you’ve taken the shot, the program will inform you whether or not you’ve missed, hit the opposite participant’s frame, scored a headshot in addition to telling you how far away your goal is.

The simulation is so far, has some long loading times and is all in Chinese but Google Chrome will routinely translate the simulation (which is fully in-browser) and you should be more or less able to understand how to use the program.

Will you be using this simulator to improve your sniping skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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