Bethesda Working on Something Called “Redfall”

While the fans of Bethesda are still mulling over The Elder Scrolls 6’s announcement which was pretty limited in detail. A new information regarding the studio’s potentially new title seems to have surfaced. Bethesda has recently filed a trademark with the name “Redfall.”

This new trademark was filed just a few days back on September 10th. Now since this trademark applies a number of entertainment products including video games, one can speculate the outcome.

A lot of fans have their bets on this trademark to be the subtitle for The Elder Scrolls 6 since it does seem to fit, with the popular theory. That the reveal trailer of Elder Scrolls 6 does seem to point towards a setting in northwest mountains, coastal regions of Tamriel.

Having said that it is to be noted that the titles and subtitles of Elder Scrolls are normally registered separately, so this new trademark Redfall could fit in the subtitle picture, perhaps. Still, at the moment fingers are pretty much crossed.

Unless and until we hear something from the studio, we can not be certain. Now as far as theories are concerned, Redfall could very well be a new title as well but that would be a very far-fetched idea.

With that being said, we came to know of Elder Scrolls 6 to be in development way before the announcement was made. Back in July, a job listing hinted towards its development.

So it always turns out to be the case that such hints emerge from time to time and add up to the bigger picture later. Let us hope that also becomes the case with Redfall.