Bethesda Will Keep Supporting Nintendo Switch, Pete Hines Says

For the first year of marketing the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda Softworks was among the leading third-party publishers to have supported the machine with games like Skyrim and Doom.

Historically, Bethesda had little presence on Nintendo consoles but that is changing with the Switch. Driven by sales of the latest console, the US firm has changed position to quickly invest in the machine, even willing to cope with the technical constraints.

He explains that as long as their games do not have to be denatured to run correctly they will keep supporting Nintendo Switch.

Pete Hines said:

The portability of the console is fantastic. Games like Doom, Skyrim or Wolfenstein II have shown that there is an audience for these games on this type of console. We did not have a crystal ball that indicated to us that “oh, this is going to be a best seller.” But we could see it early enough, that it was a machine that we could support, on which our games would find their audience. And that was the case. Nintendo is clearly crushing everything with its console sales, which is excellent.

We had not done anything on a Nintendo console for a long time. Regarding the Switch, we have to work a little bit to make sure that it runs smoothly and that the rendering is correct. We do not want to cut half of the story or make sacrifices that change the game. But if a machine is compatible with what we are doing, then it is clear that we will take the game out of it because we want the possible people to play these excellent games that our developers create.

We can’t wait for E3 this year because Bethesda has many plans and they will blow your mind.

Source: Gamereactor

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