Bethesda to Soon Detail The Evil Within DLC

News regarding upcoming DLC for The Evil Within should reach us soon, publisher Bethesda Softworks has said.

Having released in October last year, we’ve yet to hear about the game’s promised three DLC episodes. Normally, we see publishers pushing out the DLC content as soon as the launch month is completed.

Christmas could have been a factor that caused the studio to hold out on releasing the first episode. In a statement passed at the end of the year, Bethesda said that fans should expect the first piece of DLC to release in “early 2015.”

With February drawing to a close, now’s a better time than any to release that content. When asked on Twitter about an update, Bethesda replied: “Stay tuned for good news soon.”

The three episodes of The Evil Within feature extra story content for the horror game. The first two episodes deal with detective Juli Kidman, while the third one puts the player in the shoes of The Keeper, one of the game’s main antagonists. That would be something fans might have been waiting for all of this time.

I’m going to formulate a speculation that Bethesda will announce and detail the first DLC episode by next week and you can expect a release by either the end of February or early March.

Source Twitter

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