Bethesda Teases Something Related To Fallout, Twitch Livestream Available Now

One thing that we did not expect a week before E3 2018 is Bethesda dropping a “nuclear bomb”. Today, the company teased something related to the Fallout franchise through their Twitter and later started a cryptic Twitch live stream that reminds us a bit of the announcement of Fallout 4 a few years back.

If you are a fan of the Fallout franchise, then you might remember the chills the first time you heard the Fallout 4 when it was revealed at E3. This is one of the reasons we can’t help but get excited over the tease Bethesda “threw” at us.

Right now there’s a Twitter post showing a “Please Stand By” screen and a “live and running” Twitch live stream that gets weirder and weirder each hour that passes. The live stream started 5 hours ago showing a widescreen with the same “Please Stand By” message and a Vault Boy statue giving us a Thumps Up at the front of the screen.

Over the last hours, several Bethesda employees have been seen on screen, either leaving items on the set or just passing wearing a Pip-Boy, with the spotlight up until now being Pete Hines himself purring a drink in a Vault themed paper cup and cheering us right after that. We loved that one.

Most theories point to Bethesda revealing a Fallout 3 Anniversary Edition. This makes complete sense as Fallout 3 is turning 10 this year and it would be a great chance to bring the franchise to Nintendo Switch as well. No information has been given throughout the live stream yet, however, if you are curious about what happened up until now, you can check the event list here.

If a Fallout remaster is not happening, could we be facing a brand new Fallout title? We don’t expect Bethesda to do such a show just to announce something minor. Let’s hope that the live stream won’t run until E3 2018 cause with that pace, we’re afraid that might be the case.

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