Bethesda Halts Further Development Of The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bethesda Softworks has decided that The Elder Scrolls: Legends will no longer receive any new content updates in the foreseeable future.

Postin on Reddit earlier today, community manager Christian Van Hoose announced that all development related to the free-to-play digital collectible card game has been ceased immediately. That being said, The Elder Scrolls: Legends will remain available to download and play on supported platforms. In addition, players will still have access to the online and single-player modes, as well as continue to reap monthly rewards and participate in special events.

According to the previously confirmed development roadmap, The Elder Scrolls: Legends was scheduled to receive one additional expansion pack this year. That, as well as future expansion packs, have now been shelved.

While no reason has been given as to why the developer is abandoning the card battler, it can only be safely assumed that the game failed to capture a sizable audience. Unlike Blizzard’s Hearthstone and CD Projekt Red’s Gwent, The Elder Scrolls: Legends never quite made it into the main spotlight. Bethesda Softworks may consider to breath life back into the game at some point in the future or finally pull the plug, the latter of which looks to be the more likely case.

We [Bethesda Softworks] decided to put any new content development or releases on hold for the foreseeable future. New expansions and other future content are no longer under active development.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends was released in 2017 and has received eight expansions to date with different themes, from Fall of the Dark Brotherhood to the most recent Jaws of Oblivion. Even though further development has been ceased, in addition to some of the criticism that players have had for recent content updates, the collectible card game is another fine source for fans who simply want to enjoy The Elder Scrolls lore.

Elsewhere, Bethesda Softworks continues developing The Elder Scrolls 6 for next-generation platforms. The wait is going to be extensive with many pegging a potential release past 2022. Even that looks sketchy since the developer is also working on Starfield, which is confirmed to arrive before The Elder Scrolls 6.

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