Bethesda Discreetly Disabled Nukes In Fallout 76 And Got Rid Of All The Launch Codes

Bethesda disables nukes in Fallout 76 by sweeping them under the rug under everybodys noses. A justification and reason still hasn't been provided.

The derailed train that Bethesda is driving continues to hit more bumps on the off-road. Most recently being that they disabled nukes in Fallout 76 without any kind of warning or announcement. In fact, the last thing we did see from Bethesda was this tweet:

Hopefully, those great things aren’t more nylon bags if ya catch my drift.

I kid, of course, It’s fair to give Fallout 76 a chance. But why delete the Nuke codes and seal the bunkers?

Rumors circulated of the reason being due to some ongoing event that may have temporarily removed them from the game. Though that was proved to not be the case later on.

It’s also odd timing considering Fallout 76 had announced unrestricted PvP but then went on to restrict a major component of it. I mean who wouldn’t want to nuke some player’s hard-earned settlement?


Either tweak is being made on the nukes themselves, such as their effects or animations. Or Bethesda is catering to the players that would rather not have everything they’ve built be erased by another player. Either for the sake of a troll or a rivalry.

Fallout 76 has been on a roll for Bethesda, and not in the way that a company would want. Seeing the whole nylon bag scandal, On top of that, there was a bottle issue later on. Where the Nuka-dark bottles Bethesda had promised its consumers were made out of cheap plastic instead of glass.

Fallout 76 had also reused several assets, animations and other visual representations from previous installments of Bethesda. Especially, Fallout 4 and Skyrim, believe it or not.

It came down to a point where Bethesda was facing enough backlash that they were about to go through a class action lawsuit. Being on the grounds of false advertisement and an unfinished, unpolished mess of a game. With just about 20 Atoms to atone for it.

Either way, hopefully, the tweet holds true and Bethesda DOES redeem itself this year. Whether that be with Fallout 76 or any other titles/announcements they have planned.

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