Best Ways to Farm Gold in Miitopia

In this guide, we will show you the best ways to farm gold in Miitopia. In Miitopia, gold is the currency from which you can buy various items new weapons, costumes, armor, stronger gear, etc.

Best Ways to Farm Gold in Miitopia

You can spend earned Gold in Miitopia by clicking the option “Spend Gold” that appears on your screen when you reach the Inn at any time in the game and choose different ways to spend your accumulated gold.

How to Earn Gold in Miitopia

Gold in Miitopia is earned in various ways. Completing quests, finding chests, playing minigames, beating enemies, and various other things will lead you to earn gold. The key is to be consistent, and you will earn gold in Miitopia.

Roulette: Mini-Game
If you want to earn extra gold and have some fun along the way then Roulette’s the name of the game. By having the pointer stop at the yellow area, you can earn yourself a piece of gear that can be sold for the same price it was bought.

For those who haven’t gathered much gold till the mid of the game, this is the way to earn gold before entering the post-game phase. Roulette is the mini-game found within the arcade inside the Inn.

Amiibo Scan
In order to get game tickets and play the aforementioned Roulette minigame and earn gold is Amiibos. One Amiibo scan is worth three game tickets. So if you have a large collection of Amiibo, you already have a lead. Also, you need to remember that only the unregistered Amiibo for the game count can give unique costumes as a reward.

Rich Snurp
If you don’t have enough game tickets.  You don’t need to worry. This is a spoiler method where you can earn a large amount of gold. At the end of the game, when you unlock the Galados area, there is Gold Route from node 10-11. Here you have to defeat the Rich Snurp. There is a 50% chance that you win the battle, which will earn you 20,000 Gold.

The best part is, this method is repeatable.  You can repeat it as many times as you want and reach the maximum limit of Gold. All you have to do is to grind for this spot.

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