Best Video Game Deals Of The Day : Xbox One X, Sea Of Thieves, Gaming Keyboard and More

Gaming keyboard, UtechSmart Saturn RGB Visual Effect with backlit LED (save $75)
This a good looking keyboard on sale which consists of features like adjustable multi-color – backlight with different combinations like blue and green and many others. Lock/Unlock Win keys with 19 Multimedia functions keys along with 19 non-conflict keys.

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AmazonBasics Controller Charging Station – PlayStation 4 (save $4.26): 
Very useful controller charging station for PlayStation 4 users with space for 2 controllers to be charged at one time together. Comes with charging cable up to 4-foot length. Red/Green indicators showing charging state which prevents from overcharging with anti-skid rubber for secure replacement of the controllers.

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Nyko Clip Grip Power for Nintendo Switch (save $7.72)
You can use this to attach Joy- Con controllers to your Switch for comfort along with fitting your smartphone on the top. It fits most of the smartphone sizes. Internal battery to charge to charge Joy-Con, Smartphone or the Switch itself. Built-in game card slots for easier access to your games!

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Xbox One X 1TB with Sea of Thieves
If you are looking to buy Xbox One X or want to upgrade, This is your best chance because if you buy an Xbox till 24 March you’ll get a free copy of Sea of Thieves free with it. Sea of Thieves is an Xbox exclusive pirate-themed action-adventure game based on a pirate life.

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Resident Evil 7 BioHazard PlayStation 4 (Save 30%)
Experience one of the scariest games from the Resident Evil Franchise. If you are a horror fan this is a must buy on PlayStation 4. In this edition, you get all Season Pass content. In this game, you play as Ethan Winters, explore the seemingly abandoned Baker mansion and uncover the truth behind the disappearance of your wife.

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EA Sports UFC 3 (save 25%)
UFC 3 is a mixed martial arts game developed by EA. This time Conor McGregor returns to be on the cover of the game. realism with respect to physics, sounds and movements. The game has also been heavily endorsed by Conor Mcgregor so if you are a UFC fan or love combat fighting this is the game for you just for $44.99.

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Need For Speed Payback – PlayStation 4 (save 50%)
Need for Speed is one of the world’s bestselling video game franchises, returns with a vengeance in the new action-driving blockbuster, Need for Speed Payback. Set in underworld fortune valley You are reunited with your crew to bring down a Cartel house. The game is action-packed with races, missions on super fast cars. The game is on sale for just $29.99.

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Sea Of Thieves with Exclusive Black Dog Pack – Xbox One
Sea Of Thieves is a pirated themed world adventure game. You live a pirate life in which you sail and fight all together with an epic multiplayer adventure. Crew up and set on sail, Make and break your pirates’ code on the Sea of Thieves. If you pre-order the game right now you’ll get free exclusive Black Dog Pack.

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