The Best Soul Stone Theories for Avengers: Infinity War

We already know where five of the six existing Infinity Stones currently lie — with whom and in what form. These ancient relics are what Thanos has been seeking to obtain in order to power his Infinity Gauntlet and erase half of all life from the universe. It is for this purpose alone that the antagonist will eventually invade Earth in Avengers: Infinity War. However, there is one major question that still remains unanswered. Just where is the last remaining Soul Stone?

There have been many fan-crafted theories in this regard, some being a bit far fetched and others holding some degree of logic. The following are the best theories so far, keeping in mind that no one actually knows where the Soul Stone currently resides.

T.H.A.N.O.S Theory

The most common theory, one that has often been spread as a meme, has to do with Thanos himself. There is the possibility that the location of the Infinity Stones was being dangled right in front of everyone since the very beginning.

The idea is to take “T.H.A.N.O.S” as an acronym, where each alphabet stands for each Infinity Stone. Hence, the following representation:

  • “T” for Tesseract (Space Stone)
  • “H” for ? (Soul Stone)
  • “A” for Aether (Reality Stone)
  • “N” for Necklace (Time Stone)
  • “O” for Orb (Power Stone)
  • “S” for Scepter (Mind Stone)

Based on the same theory, “H” could either stand for Heimdall (his orange eyes to be exact) or the heart-shaped Herb. That being said, the acronym can also lead to other possibilities. For example, “A” could be tied to the Eye of Agamotto for the Time Stone.

Time Travel Theory

There were reports that time travel would somehow enter into the storyline, particularly for the untitled sequel that is presently dubbed Avengers 4. Thanos is definitely going to be cleaning house when the invasion begins, leading many to speculate that the surviving Avengers members will have to travel back in time to save their friends and allies.

In the same light, there is the possibility that the Soul Stone never existed in the present timeline to begin with. The time-travelling plotline may have to do with the Avengers going back in time to obtain the remaining Infinity Stone. Doctor Strange already has the Time Stone for that purpose.

In short, the reason for the Soul Stone to have never been featured in the MCU so far could be that it has been lost to a distant time and space.

Tony Stark Theory

The most recent theory to surface on the internet is that the Soul Stone is not an object but a person. Tony Stark being an actual living relic (in a manner of saying) may seem far fetched if not for Marvel Studios pushing the agenda in the past months.

The evidence lies in a series of promotional posters that were released for Avengers: Infinity War. They each were designed to show a superhero and the Infinity Stone they are most strongly associated with. Hence, Doctor Strange for the Time Stone, Vision for the Mind Stone, and Captain America for the Space Stone. When it came to the Soul Stone, the depicted character was none other than Iron Man.

In the comic books, there were actually two Tony Starks — the real one being a genetically programmed child destined to become the greatest defender of mankind. Could the Tony Stark in the MCU follow the same breadcrumbs and be revealed to be a living Infinity Stone?

Quantum Realm Theory

While the first installment only offered a brief glimpse, the upcoming “Ant-Man and the Wasp” sequel will jump straight into the Quantum Realm. The mission will be to rescue the original Wasp but many believe that the Soul Stone is hiding somewhere inside the subatomic dimension.

It should be noted that the movie comes out after Avengers: Infinity War. However, it is completely possible that the Soul Stone only comes into play in the sequel to the saga. Hence, the setting for the last Infinity Stone could be set up with Ant-Man.

Wakanda Theory

It was previously anticipated that the Soul Stone would be unveiled in Black Panther, especially since it is the last installment in the MCU before the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War. While nothing of the sort took place, fans are still clinging on the theory that the remaining Infinity Stone is somewhere inside Wakanda.

The African nation was hit by a meteorite millions of years back that contained Vibranium. The Wakandans have been using the alien mineral to advance in science and technology since then. That being said, what if the Soul Stone is at the heart of the same meteorite? That it is actually the source of the Vibranium mutation and lies right beneath Wakanda itself. It would make sense for Thanos to attack Wakanda with his forces, as seen in the recent trailers.

Adam Warlock Theory

“Adam” was created by the Sovereign, a highly advanced and genetically engineered galactic race seeking to perfect themselves, to destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy — clearly the MCU version of Adam Warlock. The same character has a long history of being associated with the Infinity Stones, particularly with the Soul Stone, in the comic books. This opens up new ideas of how he could have a major role to play in the coming time.

In addition, the Sovereign are notably known for developing powerful cosmic batteries, much similar to the Tesseract. Could this race already be in the possession of the last remaining Infinity Stone?

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