Best Shadowkeep Weapons in Destiny 2

Weapons upon weapons upon weapons; there’s a lot of artillery you can get your hands on in Destiny 2, even more so with the release of Shadowkeep that it is hard to figure out which one you should use. Thankfully with this guide to show you the Best Shadowkeep Weapons in Destiny 2 you might have a better time deciding.

With the aid of this guide, you’ll know exactly what kind of weapon you need to keep an eye out for, and when you do gain possession of these weapons, you’ll know which one is worth its weight in gold and why.

Best Shadowkeep Weapons in Destiny 2

The following will not only list the best weapons but will also give you information of where you can hope to locate it, which category it belongs to, and what exactly makes it a weapon worth having. So without further ado:

Kinetic Weapons

Go Figure
This Pulse Rifle with 450RPM is dropped randomly by defeating enemies across the map so just keep on killing hope the RNG favors you. For PvE, it is best used with a medium zoom, Rampage, Outlaw and Ricochet Rounds. For PvP: Ricochet Rounds; Outlaw; Kill Clip; Medium Zoom Sight.

Its reliability as a weapon makes it most desirable. The PvE Rolls makes it ludicrously powerful when fighting Ads and when face-to-face with Majors. The PvP roll for PC (Ricochet Rounds, Kill Clip, and Outlaw) makes it so you do a great amount of damage with no recoil; whereas with the PvP roll for Console, you may have to make some alterations – Zen Moment will allow you to reduce recoil considerably. Along with this, you can have Kill Clip and Ricochet Rounds.

The Mountaintop
This Grenade Launcher is awarded in the ‘Pinnacle Weapon’ quest. A notorious weapon, it is famed for being the Kinetic Weapon with the greatest DPS. When augmented with the Spike Grenades, Pinnacle (a Perk that modifies another Perk) and the Micro Missiles Perks, it becomes a powerful weapon that can be used at your beck and call. However, it should be made blatantly apparent that these Perks are not easy to obtain. You’ll have to grind for HOURS in PvP to attain the level this guide speaks of.

Blast Furnace
Another Pulse Rifle acquired through Black Armory. Similar in many ways to Go Figure… but better! With higher base stats, it only gets better when you add in Perks. Have the same Perks as Go Figure, but in lieu of Outlaw you should get Feeding Frenzy (a regular skill instead of a precision kill activates the Perk). However, this weapon does require you to purchase the Annual Pass, and you must have the Third Forge unlocked.

You can find this Hand Cannon through the Menagerie of Rune (Rune of Desire + Red Rune) and it is highly useful in PvP. If you are lucky enough to get Eye of the Storm (Increasing accuracy as your health decreases) and Rangefinder (increases range) perks, they makes this a powerful hand cannon despite having less than 180 RPM.

Alongside that, you can attach any range-extending Barrel, Accurized Shots, and Outlaw – all of this to maximize the weapon’s range; similarly you can replace Outlaw with Rampage and have a roll that is lethal!

Energy Weapons

This 900RPM Void SMG is acquired through the Pinnacle quest. Of all the SMG’s available in the game, this is arguably the most powerful. It has the greatest range, but that’s not what makes this weapon so deadly – it’s the Master of Arms Perk (any damage done with any weapon increases the damage output of this weapon). Augment further with Feeding Frenzy and you have one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Luna’s Howl/Not Forgotten
These two Hand Cannons are acquired through the Pinnacle quest. After being nerfed in season 7, these 2 weapons, now at 150 RPM, with the aid of the Magnificent Howl Perk, they can kill an enemy with a few consecutive shots.

The Perk has been changed to where consecutive body shots will increase the damage, this forces players to pace their shots to ensure that they do get that extra bit of damage.

This sniper is acquired through the Menagerie with Rune of Jubilation and Red Rune. If you manage to get No Distractions, Quickdraw, Box Breathing and Snapshot perks you basically have one the best snipers for PvP.

All incoming flinch is reduced due to the No Distractions Perk, and further augmenting it with the Box Breathing Perk, you’ll be able to do increased precision damage after aiming for a short period of time.

Mindbender’s Ambition
This Shotgun is available as a random drop exclusively from the Hollowed Lair Nightfall strike. Combined with Quick Draw, Snapshot, and Slideshot perks and you have a devastating PvP weapon.

Although lacking in base range, it makes up for it by having OHK range of all the shotguns in the game. This is due to it having a very high impact. You can further increase the range by equipping a barrel that does so; however, do not equip Smooth Bore as it reduces the gun’s overall performance.

Ikelo’s Shotgun
It is available as a random drop from bosses in the Escalation Protocol on Mars. This is a must-have weapon due to the fact that has some of the greatest DPS among all the energy weapons!

This is principally due to the Trench Barrel perk, which grants damage, handling, stability and reload speed after every melee kill. The bonus only lasts for 3 shots (you have to melee someone again after that). Pair it with Rally Barricade or Lunafication Well of Radiance to make it more powerful than it already is.

Loaded Question
This Fusion Rifle is available as a Vanguard Pinnacle Quest reward. The best Fusion Rifle you can hope for in PvE. This is due to Reservoir Burst, a trait that grants you bonus damage and causes enemies to explode when shot with the first bullet of the battery – to activate it you must reload from the reserves (battery must be full).

This Perk is pretty much the only reason why you should finish the quest and get your hands on it, having so much power burst forth from the first shot… who wouldn’t want that?

Heavy Weapons

This machine gun is available as a reward for the intro quest to Black Armory and is extremely useful in PvP when combined with perks like Feeding Frenzy, Rampage and Surrounded.

A powerful weapon to begin with due to having the fastest TTK, causing snipers to flinch, and sporting a large stock of ammo, we didn’t think it could get any better… but it did. With the aid of Gambit, the range for this weapon goes sky-high! Players can also add in the Perk Mulligan (there’s a possibility of reclaiming ammo if you miss a shot). You also gain access to ricochet rounds, increasing its stability and range.

Swarm of the Raven/Acantha-D/Outrageous Fortune
Where to Find: Swarm of the Raven (Iron Banner; Saladin Packages or completing matches); Acantha-D (Randomly dropped after completing Black Armory Forges); Outrageous Fortune (Vanguard Packages)

These grenade launchers with Field Prep and Spike Grenades are amazing for PvE. The reason why we have all 3 weapons lopped together is that they resemble one another immensely – they mainly differ in elements.

Out of all weapon classes, these 3 have the highest DPS, pairing it with Spike Grenades will further increase the damage. Field Prep will increase ammo reserves, allowing you to carry more grenades, meaning you’ll be able to do a lot more damage.

And that’s our list of the best Shadowkeep weapons in Destiny 2. Hopefully, you’ll check this out and give some of these weapons a whirl!