Best Open World Games of All Times (PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo)

In this article, we discuss what we think are some of the Best Open World Games that you can play. Our list includes games from all the eras and platforms.

Open-world games allow for a freedom that seemed quite unimaginable just a decade and a half ago. You can do whatever you want and go wherever you please. However, the development of games like these are far too big and it is easy to make far too many mistakes when designing games like these. In this Best Open World Games List, we list what we think are the best open world games of all time.

This list will take a look at some of the open world games which got their formula right and executed their recipe to perfection. Most of the games that you see here, you will have probably already played. However, do not be surprised if you find something which you did not even know existed.

Best Open World Games That You Should Definitely Try!

Our Best Open World Games List is quite different from one another in terms of genre, gameplay, and plots. However, they are all open world and grant you the freedom that is associated with games like these. Try them out to see what it is that makes them so good.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 is great because it has a lot of content. The landscape is very pretty to look at and quite engaging. Boston looks very explorable in its state of decadence, and the storyline is just as amazing to go along with it and makes the game much better.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Hideo Kojima has always been an innovator in the gaming industry. Moreover, most of the fans never doubted that the next iteration of the MGS series would be anything less than perfect when it was announced that it would have an open world setting. The guards were also much more realistic which made the game very engaging.

Just Cause 3
The game has an area of over 400 square miles. Making sure that you will not be disappointed with the island of Medici no matter what. The storyline is gripping and the added verticality allows you to experiment with this sandbox like never before.


Perhaps one of the best games of the entire decade, Skyrim has an open world so intense and yet so soothing at the same time that it is really hard to even fully comprehend its peripheries. The fantasy genre had to face a brand new bar when Skyrim was released due to the amazing mechanics, graphics, and the world that the game boasts.

The Crew
The Crew takes arcade racing back to its roots by giving the racers an open world to drive around and play in. The graphics of the game are downright sensational and the challenges often become secondary as you roam around the beautifully crafted roads of the game’s world.

Red Dead Redemption
The western-themed smash hit from rock star is notorious for having some of the best scenes from the era. The storyline is perhaps one of the best we have ever seen which syncs up well with the world to give an experience which will probably never be forgotten by whoever plays it.

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
The atmosphere of the game is great enough to influence you to buy STALKER just on that. The fear of moving through the zone alone is amplified due to the stark nature of the world and the general austerity that seems to embrace all of the creatures and humans residing within.

While it does not have a set random world, I am sure you are quite aware of what the concept of this game is. Go and do whatever is a part of your wildest imagination. And do it in a world which you have made yourself and influenced as you played the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The 19th game in the legendary series is no less than perfect, imitating every single one of its predecessors in that regard. The world has been crafted with amazing precision and enough memorable people have been strewn around it to ensure that the story of the game is no less than amazing.

Grand Theft Auto 5
No list of open world games would be complete without a GTA game. The world has amazing graphics, real cars and imitates a real city. Numerous celebrities appear in its storyline and the gameplay is the same classic gameplay that made people fall in love with the game.

Those are our Best Open World Games of All Times. Let us know which game you would have included on the list using the comments section below!

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