Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends – High Loot Areas, Best Places to Land as Jumpmaster

In this Apex Legends Guide, we have detailed the best landing spots in Apex Legends where you can land as your squad's Jumpmaster for best loot.

Choosing a spot while landing on King’s Canyon has some strategic importance. Some places will allow you with decent loot though these come at the expense of strong competition from other players.

Whatever the case is, we discuss the best landing areas in Apex Legends you can take as your squad’s Jumpmaster.

Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends

Apart from obtaining valuable loot, some spots are better suited for avoiding direct confrontation with the opponents while others are more hotly contested.

Although you will find most of the important aspects of the Apex Legends Map here, you will also find many details in our separate Apex Legends Map Guide that takes a deeper look at King’s Canyon.

1. The Hot Zone

At the start of the match, this area can be easily identified by a small blue circle on the map. This area is by far the best location to drop. Why is that so? It is because this area has the most top-tier and most amount of loot there is.

Therefore, if you and your squad want to go for the win, this is the location for the best loot.


The only problem is that as the name suggests the area is a hot zone and it will crawling with other players trying to get the loot before you do. So be ready for a fight!

2. The Supply Ship

The Supply Ship spawns at the start of every match and moves in a path different from that of the Dropship. You can land on the dropship if your landing skills are very precise.

This place might also be filled with a few squads but the loot here is really good such that your whole squad can be fully packed with top tier loot.

If you do not want to go to the ship directly you can wait until later part of the game when it lands on the ground and you can hop on board but there is a high chance that it will be already be looted so we do not recommend going on it later.

3. Thunderdome

This place is located in the southwest corner of the map thus also suggesting that most people do not land here often and your squad can loot this place quickly and head to the vast area of Skull Town to get even more loot but might run into a few squads there. This place has good loot so do consider it.

4. Relay

Relay that is located at the northeast side of the map can be a peaceful place to land just like Thunderdome. You can find good loot for you squad here and after looting head into the circle.

5. Airbase

Another place far from the hot areas of the map where you can find pretty decent loot. As the name suggests, it is an airbase containing airplanes and you can loot the insides of them too.

6. Water Treatment

The loot here is random meaning that it can sometimes be moderately good or sometimes of high tier.

Even though the place is far away from the other places on the map we say that you should try this place out at least once to see how you will find the place.

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