Best Fusion Rifles In Destiny 2

This guide will help you with the Best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2 as there are a lot of Fusion Rifles to choose from and only a select few D2 Fusion Rifles are worthy of using in PvE and PvP.

In PvE, Fusion Rifles can be considered shotguns that are best to obliterate enemies while at close range if you get overwhelmed and if a player is good with a Fusion Rifle, then it is best for clearing out crowds of enemies.

Before we begin, note that the Fusion Rifles listed in our D2 Fusion Rifles guide are exotics and legendary ones since the uncommon Fusion Rifles and rare Fusion Rifles don’t matter much once you get closer to level cap.

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Best Fusion Rifles In Destiny 2

Critical Sass
Critical Sass is the fusion rifles for those who like a gun with a higher rate of fire as the newcomers are recommended to use this Fusion rifle or any other fusion rifle with a higher rate of fire to understand the charging pattern.

However, the higher rate of fire comes at a cost of stability and range and don’t expect to become a master on your first try, meaning this Fusion Rifle will be best at close or medium range encounters.

This Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 fires a single shot at a time, however, that single shot has the potential to take out high-level enemies in an instant and Tarantula is best among these types of Fusion Rifles in D2.

This Fusion Rifle comes equipped with the beloved Snapshot perk by default and also gives players customization options. This rifle is capable of penetrating through the shields of the enemies. However, players need to be well versed with this Fusion Rifle in D2 to be able to use it effectively in PvP.

Shock and Awe
Shock and Awe Fusion Rifle has many flaws like poor stability and reload speed, however, its recoil is very good but, the gun is effective at close range at best.

The reason why it is one of the best Fusion Rifles in D2 is that its damage is quite high and with Back-Up Plan, perk makes it a very powerful weapon along with some good customization options.

Main Ingredient
Main Ingredient is a Fusion Rifle that can be described as balanced in terms of charge and impact meaning this weapon is relatively easier to use for almost all fusion rifle users given that it has very good stability, recoil, and range.

This fusion rifle can take out enemies from farther away than the usual ones and with its Rampage perk which causes damage to increase with every kill which is quite useful as stacking up damage can be very effective against bosses.

Merciless gets a spot on our list because this is currently the only exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2. Given that it charges slow and also has a low damage but, with Conserve Momentum perk its rate of fire increases every time a player damage and once you get a kill you need to reload to trigger Impetus that will give you bonus damage.

The Wizened Rebuke
This Fusion Rifle is the one to keep an eye on if you want to have the best time in PvP. This Fusion Rifle has a high charge time and an incredible impact. The reload speed is somewhere in the middle and stability is poor. However, this weapon has a great recoil.

This Fusion Rifle comes with a lot of perks including High-Impact Frame, Backup Plan, and Enhanced Battery to name just a few. This fusion rifle is pretty well balanced and players will have a good time killing enemies in PvE and PvP.

This is one of the best of not the best long range fusion rifle of the game, it does some solid damage to almost anything you throw at it. It is pretty good with minors and majors and we recommend you to use it for crowd control. It isn’t bad on bosses as well. With a medium to long range which is quite remarkable in the game and in PvP it does make use of unique homing effect.

One Thousand Voices
A really solid gun but even more hard to get, this is a very strongest gun of the game and will get you through some very difficult encounters. The main point is that it will help you get through majors by burning them and can be used on bosses.

It is a similar gun to loaded question if you know of it, well if you not, it is great against majors. One point is that it has less splash damage potential, but without the need to be fully loaded and better single target DPS.

Erentile FR4
It is one of the best overall PvP guns in the game right now with awesome range and multiple sweet perk options like surround and rangefunder etc. Also with a one shot kill from some crazy distances.

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