How to Get the Best Ending in Mass Effect 2

This guide will help you figure out How to Get the Best Ending in Mass Effect 2. If you are trying to get the best ending, then you need to complete a few tasks in a specific order. Otherwise, this ending will not be available to you. We will be telling you about all of those tasks in order for you to get the best ending in Mass Effect 2.

How to Get the Best Ending in Mass Effect 2

The best ending in ME 2 requires a lot of planning and completion of a few tasks and upgrades before you head into the final suicide mission. You need to make a few very crucial decisions during the Mass Effect 2 campaign while playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition and have a good loyalty bond with your crew members.

We will be telling you about all of those requirements and tasks that span out across the whole game in this Mass Effect 2 ending guide.

Getting Ready
First, you need to purchase all of the offensive and defensive upgrades. Recruit all possible crew members and complete their quests before starting the Reaper IFF mission. You need to recruit Legion during the Reaper IFF mission and then complete his quest as well.

Keep Your Friends Close
You cannot lose Miranda, Tali, Jack, or Legion’s trust because of failed negotiations. To prevent any negotiation from failing, choose the renegade or special paragon dialogue options.

Companion Assignments
Once Normandy’s crew has been kidnapped, you need to complete Legion’s personal mission and then go to the Omega 4 Relay.

As far as your Squad Composition should go, you should set your team as follows:

  • Choose either Legion or Tali to unlock the door.
  • Choose Jacob, Garrus, or Miranda to lead the assault team.
  • Choose Jack, Samara, or Morinth to create a focus field during the Long Walk mission.

You need to escort the survivors to Normandy and choose any member of your team to escort them. Make sure that you don’t select a soldier to do that. We suggest picking Mordin for the job.

You need to leave one strong defender such as Grunt, Zaeed, or Garrus to protect the crew. Completing all of these steps will guarantee that you get the Best Ending in ME 2.

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