Best Character to Play in D&D Dark Alliance

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance allows players to pick from one of the four main characters present in the books. Whether you are playing solo or in co-op, every character in D&D Dark Alliance has some sort of viability. To help you out further, we will explain which character is the best to play in D&D Dark Alliance and what makes them all special.

Best Character to Play in D&D Dark Alliance

Getting to know, and selecting the best characters to play with has to be the first and foremost thing a player has to do while starting with a new action RPG game. D&D Dark Alliance is no different either.

D&D Dark Alliance offers you four different characters to select from and all four of them come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, they all have their own upgrades.

Below, we’ve jotted down our list of what we consider the best characters for solo and co-op play.

Best Characters for Co-op Gameplay

Co-op gameplay is one of the many reasons why D&D Dark Alliance is disappearing of the shelves. Bruenor Battlehammer and Cattie-Brie are the two characters best suited for the co-op mode.

Bruenor Battlehammer

Bruenor Battlehammer belongs to the fighter class and plays the role of a tank. Having a single look at him, you’ll realize the character is an army of his own. He’s built to last. There should be no doubt about his defense skills, given his huge shield, however, he’s also quite good on the offense.

He carries an anvil that can be dropped when being charged by enemies. It’ll serve as a shield, and also deal some damage to the enemies.

If you’re planning on playing ring-a-ring-a-rosies, he can spin around with his axe and send the enemies flying off in every possible direction.

While his anvil and axe are at rest, he can attack using his frost attack. This attack is unstoppable, and whoever is on the other end of the attack is taking a hit one way or the other. Moving on to his defense, he likes to taunt the enemyes a lot. This reduces the intensity of their attacks if they ever muster up enough courage to attack him.

Bruenor Battlehammer has amazing strength stats, but they all come at a cost. They slow him down. However, if you have some other characters in your team that are quick on their feet, they can cover him up.

This weakness can backfire while using him in solo mode. There would be times when you have to move quickly, and all he can do in the meantime is raise one of his legs. Lastly, it takes him a lot of time to cool down. However, this can be improved by improving his intelligence stats.


Cattie-Brie too belongs to the fighter class; however, she’s known for her archery skills. If you’re looking for someone who is good with long-ranged attacks, then Cattie is your character of choice. However, it’s not her attacks that make her a good team player, but her abilities to heal and revive the fallen teammates.

Still, her offensive skills are one of the best. She can shoot multiple arrows using her bow and attack more than one enemy at a time.

In case, you don’t want more than one arrow leaving her bow, you can deal damage to multiple enemies through a single arrow as well using her Piercing Shot and Lobbed Arrow attacks. However, the real threat lies in her Arcane Arrows attack when the Piercing Shot attack is applied as a default to every arrow that she shoots.

Again, no character can be regarded as the “perfect” character. They all have their flaws, and so does Cattie-Brie. You’ll know her weaknesses, the moment you try using her in the closed-range battle. She’s better off far away from the core of the battle. Else, she’ll suffer.

Just another reason for choosing her as your character of choice for the co-op mode rather than the solo mode.  Place her in the position she’s best suited for, and you won’t have to worry about her shortcomings.

Best Characters for Solo Gameplay

D&D Dark Alliance can still be fun if played alone, given that you pick the right characters. Here are the two characters who’ll make your solo gameplay worth your while.

Drizzt Do’Urden

Drizzt is an assassin who belongs to the ranger class. This is one of the reasons for choosing him in the solo gameplay. Assassins are known for being a one-man army.

You can use his stealth skills to sneak up on the enemies or make an escape when surrounded. However, it gets even better when you summon his tiger to attack the enemies. To compliment both of these skills, he’s also quick on his feet, making him nearly unstoppable.

Other than that, Drizzt has some of the best AoE attacks amongst the other playable characters of the game, such as Well of Darkness and Dark Hands.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also use his Faerie Fire skill to pull down the defense of your adversaries.

Drizzt is all about offense, and his defense is not something he’s proud of. When it comes to getting attacked, there is nothing much that he can do to protect himself.


Moving on to the last character of the game and the second-best character for a solo gameplay, Wulfgar is a shock troop and belongs to the barbarian class.

Wulfgar does not have the best attacks, neither does he have the best defensive skills. However, he has a little bit of both. This puts him somewhere in the middle.

His Shockwave attack slows down the enemies, allowing him to attack with his Rage Spin and Spin of Fury attacks. Both of these moves are quite similar to those of Bruenor.

He can also prove himself to be a good team player, given his Endurance of Elk skill which makes his ally’s attacks more powerful.

Even though he can prove himself in the offense, defense is where he lacks. However, this can be taken care of by working a little on his armor.

Improve his Strength and Constitution stats and you’re good to go.

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