Before Is the Cutest New Project From Rust Devs Yet

Developer Facepunch Studios is not giving up on its initial plan to upset a vocal minority of complainers and has revealed yet another new project, called Before. This minimalistic game will once more be a survival title set in pre-historic times, which sounds almost identical to their current project in Rust.

Still, the similarities aren’t quite as sharp. For one, the style and therefore ambience in the game is a lot different, instead opting for stylistically soothing models and textures. Also, Before focuses on group mentality of a tribe trying to fend off nature together.

You’ll be adding others to your ranks, in order to settle somewhere in the natural setting of the game. As more people join, your tribe will grow more complex, with hierarchies, belief structures and more.

In the blog detailing the new project, Facepunch Studios clarifies that Before is a game that’s being brought in. When the company saw what the creator of the game was trying to accomplish, despite not having the resources, they decided to reach out.


Once more, Before won’t be a hindrance when it comes to the development of Rust, currently on Steam through Early Access. Here is the breakdown from Facepunch Studios:

So that’s what’s happening. People like Petur, Bill and Pal are rare finds. They’re multi-disciplined, they love what they do, they’re self reliant, they work autonomously and they are extremely good at what they do.

Before is being built in the Unity engine and is headed for release on PC. We’re totally digging the smooth, angular mammoths.

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