Becky Lynch Might Be First Female WWE 2K20 Solo Cover Star

WWE 2k20 is going to be released soon. We are getting more details all the time. One of the most talked about points about WWE 2k20 is the fact that “The Man” Becky Lynch might be the first solo female to grace its covers. A leaked advert and Lynch’s own words seem to have confirmed this.

An alleged leaked advert for the Schwaben edition of 2K20 was posted by Twitter User @RaiRazvi. It shows Becky Lynch as the cover star.

Here’s what the text says (translation taken from Sportskeeda),

“As has just been announced by a leaks, as collectors edition of WWE 2K20 there will be the so-called Schwaben edition. The should include in addition to the WWE 2K20 game, a Neuschwansteineinbox, a WrestleMania moneybox for the frugal Swabians but also two packs of Swabian spades. According to the leaked image, pre-orders should also receive the ‘Schwabische Commentary’ DLC. What it is and what the edition will cost is currently unknown”

Becky Lynch’s thought about WWE 2K20

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch spoke with Vicente Beltrán from ViBe & Wrestling. They discussed her past and also her future. The transcription was given by Wrestling Inc.

“[Being on the cover of WWE 2K20] would be the next step, wouldn’t it? Yeah it’s always about the next step and it’s always about being the first,” Said Becky Lynch

“‘The Man’ is synonymous with the first: the first main event of WrestleMania, the first main event of SmackDown, in the first women’s ladder match, in the first Royal Rumble, first SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. It’s all about being the first, so being the first woman on the cover of 2K20 would be awesome.”

The most recent editions of WWE 2K had AJ Styles on the cover in 2018, Seth Rollins on the cover in 2017, and Brock Lesnar on the cover in 2016. Women have featured on the cover of these games but not since solo covers were released. The last time women were on the cover, it was in SmackDown vs. RAW 2007.

More details will be released soon, but we do think that the alleged leaked cover and the interview seem to clearly show that the WWE 2K20 cover star will be Becky Lynch.

Recently, FIFA’s coverstars were also revealed. Megan Rapinoe, the controversial four time women’s world cup winner, might just appear on the game’s Ultimate team mode.

But if/when that happens, be sure that we will report on it.

WWE 2K20 is expected to be released in October 2019.