You Will Soon Be Flying In Fortnite

Fortnite is something millions of players play and many of them request some of the weirdest features. For instance, not too long ago players decided to start a petition to thank the bus driver.

Epic Games later added this feature to Fortnite so now players can say thanks to the bus driver before jumping off. Flying is another thing player requested so gliders were added to boost verticality.

But it seems Epic Games is about to take things one step further. Players may soon be able to fly a vehicle called “Bumble.”

Over the past few months, Epic games have been adding new vehicles to the game. One of the most unique ways to commute was a shopping cart. We also have a golf cart.

But Epic has been focusing on the game’s verticality for some time now. We had some sky phenomenon, a floating castle, and Kevin just exploded in the sky. Epic Also introduced jetpacks to the mix.

The Bumble was spotted by a data miner of Twitter earlier.

Bumble sounds very much like a plane, to be honest. A fully capable aerial combat vehicle would be amazing for Fortnite. The sound files explain Bumble as something that can go “overhead” at various distances.

Bumble sounds like a plane, you can hear it yourself. Since Kevin is no more players of the game are looking forward to something new and exciting. And from the looks of it, Bumble can be the perfect addition to the game at this time.

Flying in Fortnite? Bring it on!

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