Bayonetta 3 Umbran Tears Of Blood Locations Guide

With a lot of main missions and side tasks to do, collectibles are one thing that keeps players closely tied to Bayonetta 3. Umbran Tears of Blood, known as the main collectibles, come in the form of Cats, Toads, and Crows.

Each chapter of Bayonetta contains three of them, making a total of 39 Umbran Tears to gather. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through where you can find three of these Umbran Tears of Blood in each chapter of Bayonetta 3 to make the collection process easier for you. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Bayonetta 3 Umbran Tears Of Blood Locations

Gathering Umbran Tears of Blood requires players to have speed and good knowledge of Bayonetta 3’s pace. With this information acquired and knowing the exact location of the animals will allow players to acquire them in a foolproof manner.

As long as you know where they are located, you can capture them by using different forms, i.e., animal or demon, that complement your playstyle and use these to extract the required in-game resource.

Below is a list of all Umbran Tears of Blood in each chapter of Bayonetta 3.

Chapter 1 – Scrambling for Answers

  • Crow: You’ll find the Crow sitting on the tunnel railing that is located under Shibuya.
  • Cat: You’ll find the Cat under a building base on the Shibuya section with destroyed structures.
  • Toad: After Verse 9 of this section, you’ll hear the Toad from a distance. Slowly make your way towards the sound of it.

Chapter 2 – City on Fire

  • Crow: You’ll find the Crow at the top of the little building with no other floor. It is in a spherical structure, just nearby the destroyed buildings.
  • Cat: From the same place as Crow, approach the vehicles and clear them out to reveal the Cat.
  • Toad: From the two twin-tower-esque buildings, go forward and turn left. Here, you’ll find the Toad.

Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling

  • Crow: Just as you start the chapter, you’ll spot the Crow at the top of the building with a ruined peak.
  • Cat:  Just from where you acquired the Crow, go to the next level, and you’ll find the Cat on the left side.
  • Toad: Off and below the main area with rocky structures, you’ll find the Toad by the cliff.

Chapter 4 – World’s Apart

  • Crow: Approach the crumbling bridge, and you’ll find the Crow chilling on the top left corner towards the walled area nearby the doors.
  • Cat: Go towards the small building of the area with broken balconies; here, you’ll find the Cat.
  • Toad:  From the central promenade, move forward, and you’ll hear the Toad. It’ll be sitting nearby the doorway.

Chapter 5 – Hot Pursuit

  • Crow: Before the Gates of Hell, you’ll see some railings. Here the Crow will be chilling, waiting to be caught.
  • Cat: From the small courtyard, go straight and then to the upper level’s left. Here, you’ll find the Cat.
  • Toad: Go to the Tower roof, and you’ll find the Toad.

Chapter 6 – Off The Rails

  • Crow: Make your way to the area with the Gates Of Hell portal. Go right from the portal, and you’ll find a tower here. On the top of the tower will be the Crow.
  • Cat: Make your way straight from the tunnel on the lava bridge; here, you’ll find the Cat.
  • Toad: After the Verse 7 fight, you’ll hear the Toad nearby the statue.

Chapter 7 – Burning Sands

  • Crow: From Verse 6, move forward and go towards the ledge to capture the Crow.
  • Cat: In the Central area, you’ll find the Cat chilling on the steps.
  • Toad: From the Sand Waterfall, go along the path, and you’ll hear the Toad between some rocks.

Chapter 8 – A Croaking Chorus

  • Crow: You’ll find the Crow on the base of the bridge nearby Treasure Chest #5.
  • Cat: Once you’ve opened the sealed door with Baal’s poison rain, you’ll find the Cat on the upper level towards the pillars.
  • Toad: From the area where you fought Verses 3 and 4, you’ll hear the Toad nearby the waterfall.

Chapter 9 – Learning to Fly

  • Crow: From Verse #5 enter the next big room and climb the windmill on the left. Here, you’ll find the Crow.
  • Cat: From where you acquired Echoes of Memory, go right and near the exit to find the Cat.
  • Toad: In the area with a lot of pool of water, nearby the Card Pack #1 location, you’ll find the Toad.

Chapter 10 – Cover of Night

  • Crow: From the location you acquired Treasure Chest #3, move left and down to get the Crow.
  • Cat: After Verse #6, you’ll find the Cat on the top of the subway entrance
  • Toad: After Verse #7, you’ll find the Toad in the small courtyard.

Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance

  • Crow: After the Bayo Cutscene, grab the Crow from the rubble before you go underground.
  • Cat: You’ll find the Cat nearby the red canopies from the spot where you earlier got the Echoes of Memory #1 from.
  • Toad: In the underground area where you’ll use the demon to illuminate the surroundings, you’ll find the Toad on a ledge straight ahead of you.

Chapter 12 – The Edge of Madness

  • Crow: From the Verse #3 spot, you’ll hear Crow making noise sitting on a rock.
  • Cat: After collecting Treasure Chest #1, enter the alley on the left, and you’ll see the Cat here.
  • Toad: On the left side of the main area, you’ll find the Toad on some platforms.

Chapter 13 – Kingdom of One

  • Toad: After the Chaotic Rift sequence, you’ll find the Toad nearby the stalagmite structure.
  • Cat: From the spot where you found the Toad, go left and to the platform to acquire the Cat.
  • Crow: Now head forward from where you got the Cat from and approach the solid ground respite. You’ll find the Crow nearby the Treasure Chest.

Chapter 14 – The Single Truth

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