Bayonetta 3 Record Locations Guide

Apart from the main missions and side tasks, Bayonetta 3 carefully incorporates small challenges that keep players entertained. The same is the case with Records, a type of collectible featured in Bayonetta 3.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what Records are and how to collect them in all across different chapters of Bayonetta 3.

What are Records?

As mentioned above, Records are a type of collectible that players will be able to get their hands on as they progress through each chapter of Bayonetta 3, and by the end of the game, they’ll have a considerable amount of these. Unlike Bewitchments, which we’ve found of no use, Records actually serve a musical purpose.

As soon as you pick up a Record, you’ll be unlocking a music track that will delight your ears and give you a break from all the craziness around the hostile world. These require you to go on a little scavenger hunt as some of them are hidden very smartly and can be easy to miss.

To help you with that, we’ve listed all the Record locations for each chapter in Bayonetta 3.

Records for each chapter in Bayonetta 3

By following the given directions for each chapter, players will be able to get their hands on the Record collectible(s) in no time.

Record #1: Chapter 2- City on Fire

Bayonetta 3 Record Locations

To find the first Record of the game, players have to start chapter 2. As soon as they do that, they’ll need to go in the right direction from the starting point. Here, you’ll find the first Record.

Record #2: Chapter 3- A Sinking Feeling

Bayonetta 3 Record Locations

As soon as the Verse of this chapter is over, go towards the right side, and you’ll find the Record between the two buildings, lying in the alley.

Record #3: Chapter 5- Hot Pursuit

Bayonetta 3 Record Locations

Once you get done with the fifth Verse of the chapter, go back to the lower-ground platform from where you’re required to pass through to get to the next battle. On the other side, you’ll find the Record.

Record #4: Chapter 7-Burning Sands

Bayonetta 3 Record Locations

Once you get your hands on the Cat for this chapter, head towards the west direction; here, you’ll find the Record.

Record #5: Chapter 8- A Croaking Chorus

Bayonetta 3 Record Locations

When you’re solving the time puzzle and creating platforms, you’ll have to throw some of these toward the river to cross it. As you’re in the process of making it across, stop mid-way and look towards a ledge. Here you’ll find the Record.

Record #6: Chapter 9- Learning to Fly

As you get done with the fourth Verse of the chapter, you’ll be transported to a temple. You’ll find the Record in the second room that’s floating between the two windmills.

Record #7: Chapter 11- A Familiar Dance

From the area where you found the Treasure Chest, head left and pass through the doorway. Enter the tunnel, and here you’ll find the Record.

Record #8: Chapter 14

Getting your hands on the last Record is either the easiest or the hardest depending on how good you are at the game. Here, once you’ve completed the first Verse of the battle, the Record will appear in front of you on the battlefield.

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