Bayonetta 3 Rating Reveals Some Plot Details, Online Interactivity

The Australian Classification Rating board has a page live for Bayonetta 3 rating. It reveals some story details along with online interactivity.

The Australian Classification Rating Page for Bayonetta 3 have some story details which can be considered as spoilers for the game. The game got classified on June 2022 and received a rating for 15+ having strong fantasy violence and online interactivity.

Now if you don’t want any spoilers, it’s recommended that your don’t read any of this but if you are curious to know about the plot, you can dive in. The description reads:

Bayonetta 3 is an action adventure game in which human characters travel through a series of fantasy environments, battling monsters called Homunculi and an evil being known as Singularity. Players must make their way to an island, Thule, in order to prevent Singularity from destroying the known worlds.

So we will be fighting creatures called Homunculi in the game and the main villain/force we will try to defeat is called “Singularity”. To defeat the main antagonist of the game, our protagonist, Bayonetta will need to reach an Island called Thule. Thule seems to be a mystical Island mention in Greek and Roman literature.

As for online interactivity, Bayonetta 3 will allow players to share their scores on leaderboard which will be accessible for all online players. As for co-op, we can expect similar offline co-op we had for Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch. The rating however, doesn’t mention anything about online multiplayer or co-op.

Apart from these tidbits, the Bayonetta 3 rating page has the usual information like nudity, gore, violence, themes etc. ESRB has already rated the game “M” for mature however, on the official ESRB website, there is no page or listing yet for Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is scheduled to release on October 28, 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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