How To Enable Naive Angel Mode In Bayonetta 3

As we know, Bayonetta 3 is a bold game with many scenes to which some players or online platforms may have objections. Bayonetta 3 is tackling this issue involving risque outfits with a completely new Naive Angel mode.

Unlike previous games, Bayonetta 3 players get the option to censor some of its content, and in this guide, we will tell you how you can use this Naive Angel mode.

What does Naive Angel mode do in Bayonetta 3?

The primary function of the Bayonetta 3 latest Naive Angel mode is to keep Bayonetta covered when she summons the demon allies and makes Wicked Weave attacks.

If you enable the mode before starting the game or mission, you will see her in full clothes during these attacks. This mode also changes the blood color, which didn’t affect the gameplay much.

Another main reason for including this mode could be the online streaming of the game by many gamers. The players can now live stream this game, and the chances that different platforms will stop it from being streamed will be lowered significantly.

How to activate Naive Angel mode

When you first start the game, it will ask you whether you want to activate Naïve Angel or not. You can activate this mode from the very start and stop worrying about adult content if you don’t like it.

If you didn’t pay attention to that option or want to activate this in mid-game, you can head to the title menu or the Chapter menu to activate it.

Note that if you start a mission and see something you want to avoid, you cannot activate this mode right from the middle of a mission.

To enable Naive Angel, you have to leave the mission and enter the menu to activate it. After that, you have to replay the mission and progress again.

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